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Overview:  DVDs and Blu-ray Discs With Audio Description

This is general information about audio description on DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
For specific USA listings, use one of the following links:

On separate pages noted above we list details about all the first-run movies* in the USA that have been released with audio description tracks on DVDs and Blu-ray discs (the only such listing in the world!) along with links to purchase them via Amazon.  Purchasing them via our links helps pay for this website!  You can follow the announcements as they occur via Twitter or our Facebook page.  The Current Year page is generally updated on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week in which a newly described DVD is released.  (* We also list a few special-interest videos, but no educational products and rarely special-order features.)

Audio description on a disc is generally listed under Languages on the back cover as English Audio Description, English Descriptive Audio, or English DVS.  (Exception:  Warner Bros usually lists this information in the lower right corner of the back cover.)  Director's Cuts or Unrated versions sometimes do not have description.  Special Features rarely contain description.  Your best bet is to order/watch the theatrical version when available and order via Amazon, not their Marketplace sellers.  While our pages typically link to the DVD disc on Amazon, generally the Blu-ray versions of DVDs listed here since the fall of 2009 also have description.  Simply follow the link provided within Amazon to the Blu-ray version, if you prefer that format.  Note:  Except for Sony releases, Amazon almost never lists the availability of audio description on their videos (though Barnes and Noble occasionally does if they list "Menu" options; look for "Setup / Audio"), but our links should take you to described copies.  Recently, Amazon has been offering an image of the back covers of some DVDs, so that's another place to look (you'll need to be sighted, and you'll need to zoom in).  If you want to find out what's coming soon on DVD, check out the DVDs Release Dates site or Amazon's New and Future Releases.  (Special thanks to William Gary for discovering about a dozen old DVDs with description over the years by digging around in bargain bins!)

NOTE:  Generally speaking, we do not separately list "Steelbook" versions of DVDs (which also contain description if the original DVD did) or compilations (e.g., 3 movies in a series, where one or more of the movies has a description track).  We also try to avoid listing DVDs only available from Marketplace sellers.

Online movie streaming/rental/purchase services such as Verizon's FIOS On Demand and Comcast's XFINITY On Demand plus iTunes or Netflix may offer audio description tracks on some movies not listed here (because the description tracks were produced for the movie but never transferred to DVD).

I really appreciate your ongoing efforts, and I recommend your site to other blind friends,
and especially parents of blind children.

- Richard Holloway, December 2013

Which Movie Studios Include Description Tracks on Their Videos?
Smiley Face Generally Include Description Smiley Face Frowning Face Never Include Description Confused Face Frowning Face Described DVD Growth Smiley Face
Disney Companies (Pixar / Touchstone /
Buena Vista / ABC / Marvel)



Sony / Columbia / Screen Gems


Warner Bros (started May 2015)

Alchemy (formerly Millennium Entertainment)
Anchor Bay Entertainment (Starz/Weinstein))
Arc Entertainment
Broad Green Pictures
Image Entertainment (RLJ Entertainment)
Magnolia Pictures (2929 Entertainment)
Miramax (Filmyard Holdings)
Momentum (Entertainment One)
New Line Cinema (Warner Bros)
Pure Flix Entertainment
Screen Media Films
Shout Factory (one exception)
The Weinstein Company (TWC)
Well Go

Described DVDs by Year
Occasionally or newly include description:  Cinedigm Corp (first one July 2016), DreamWorks (various distributors over the years), eOne (2014 only), Focus Features (Universal sub), IFC Films (late 2015), Lionsgate (limited since 2014), Summit Entertainment (rarely since 2014, Lionsgate sub, often Blu-ray only) From 1997-2005, only 15 described DVDs were released.  The big change came in 2010 when major studios began to commit to including description tracks.

Summary comments about studio offerings of described DVDs (based on a study of all DVDs identified from January-July 2017):

  1. Disney describes nearly all of its major films on DVD.
  2. Warner Bros, the last major studio to start describing DVDs, now provides description on about 80% of their DVDs.
  3. Paramount also describes 80% of their DVDs, but offers the fewest of any major studio.
  4. Fox describes nearly 70% of their DVDs, but the volume is modest.
  5. Sony and Universal each offer the most and approximately the same number of DVDs, and each describes about 40% of them.
  6. Lionsgate describes a paltry 13% of its DVDs, yet offers more DVDs in total than any other studio.
  7. The studios not offering any description, yet having 3 or more DVDs during these seven months are:  Well Go (7), Magnolia (6), Broadgreen (4), and Shout Factory (3).
  8. In our analysis of all DVDs identified by the DVDs Release Dates site and located in stores, 39% had description tracks (an increase of 4 percentage points from last year), 61% did not.  Since some of the DVDs could not be located, the actual percentage of described DVDs is undoubtedly somewhat lower, and these statistics do not include videos of TV series, none of which are described on DVD.

Additional Information About Described DVDs

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