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Audio Described Movies on Apple's iTunes

Jump to Titles. The following movies are AUDIO DESCRIBED on Apple's iTunes for rent or purchase IN THE USA.  You need to download and launch iTunes separately to access the movies, but you can view a list of the Top 100 Movies iTunes offers (many of which are described).  If you are outside the USA (including Canada), your list of movies with description will be different.  This alphabetized listing is provided by the Audio Description Project on a best-effort basis and is not guaranteed to be 100% up-to-date; however, a complete refresh is done at the beginning of each month.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Jul 17, 2018; count = 792 titles.  So far this year, Apple has added a net of 18 titles per month.  (Note:  The Added notation means the date we added the movie title here, which may be a bit later than iTunes did.)  You can view the complete list of audio described titles on iTunes via a link on the iTunes Store Movies page (iTunes PC/Mac menu image).  For iPads, look for "Movies With Audio Descriptions" at the bottom of the Movies page.  The browser address works with some browsers, including Safari and Chrome.  Additional instructions for accessing the listing on various devices are located on Apple's Find audio-described content in the iTunes Store page.  On iTunes, movies with description will have an AD icon under the cover image.  If you have feedback on accessibility issues with Apple products like iTunes, they encourage feedback at

CAUTION:  Extended and/or Unrated versions are not typically described (unless spelled out below), nor are packagings of two or more movies together!  If a year follows a movie, it means that year's new version of the movie is described, or at least it matches exactly how iTunes chooses to list it.

Alphabetized List of iTunes Movies

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