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Audio Description via Netflix

NetflixIn April 2015, Netflix began offering select streaming videos (not discs) with audio description tracks, starting with Marvel's Daredevil, and they have been adding described titles at an impressive pace (27/month at last count).  Here are some of the 500-or-so offerings in the USA:

Original Series Like ...

  • The Crown
  • House of Cards
  • Marvel's Daredevil
  • Orange is the New Black

TV Series Like ...

  • About a Boy
  • Criminal Minds
  • Longmire (2015 and on as Netflix Originals)
  • The Office

Movies Like ...

Children's Animated Series and Movies Like ...

These Netflix offerings are divided nearly equally between children (G/PG), teen (PG-13), and adult (R) programming.

To see the complete list of audio described videos available in your country, on a PC or Mac click the audio description link at the bottom of your Netflix Home page (URL may vary by country) after signing in.  (You must have a Netflix account to access the list.  You may sign up for Netflix free for the first month if you wish to sample the service; after that it costs about $11-$14/month for unlimited streaming.)  You can also view the list on an iPad (last entry in the category list on the pull-down menu, just prior to App Settings), Apple TV (under Categories), iPhone (via pull-down menu on top left), and other devices such as Android phones.  Alternatively, you may view our alphabetized list of described USA Netflix titles, which is updated frequently.  That link is at the top of every page on our website.  We also have a listing of USA Neflix titles described in foreign languages.

NOTE:  If you want audio described DVDs (as opposed to streaming video), after you are signed in as the primary user, click "DVD" at the top of the screen; then hover your cursor over BROWSE, and Audio Description will appear as an option.  The fee structure is different if you want DVDs, so you have to sign up for this.  If you normally sign in on the DVDs page, click "Watch Instantly" to get to the page mentioned above.

Netflix Settlement

In April, 2016, an agreement between the ACB and several others was announced with Netflix.  While some of the points of agreement had been previously announced or implemented, several items are new.  Key points of the agreement are:

While Netflix was the first streaming service to offer description, this agreement both takes its commitment to a new level AND sets the stage for negotiated agreements with Amazon, Hulu, and other streaming content providers, if necessary.

Devices supporting Audio Description (see current list on Netflix):

Activating Audio Description on Netflix (subject to change, of course):

Additional resources:

The ACB worked behind the scenes with Netflix on introducing description, but congratulations are also in order to Robert Kingett for spearheading the effort to get audio description on Netflix.  Read Robert's The Accessible Netflix Project blog, including his post on Netflix's quiet introduction of AD.