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Spectrum Access Audio Described Titles

Jump to Titles. Spectrum Access: Enabled Media is a free App for iOS devices* which provides audio description tracks for a growing number of movies and TV series.  No signup or login is required, and you do not need to be a Spectrum customer to use it.  You download each track onto your device before watching.  Some tracks contain just the AD while others contain both the original movie soundtrack plus the AD.  In the first case, one person can listen to the description track for a movie (using an earpiece or headset connected to their phone) without others in the room having to listen to it.  In the second case (AD + original track), you may wish to use earphones, a bluetooth speaker, or the phone's speaker, with the original video volume muted.  You can use this product with a DVD/Blu-ray or a streaming video service like Netflix or Prime Video, but not live TV.  It may take up to 30 seconds for the App to sync the AD track with the movie, though it can be as fast as 5 seconds.

This app is the successor to Actiview.  Congratulations to Charter Communications (Spectrum) for making this App available to everyone!  Listen to a podcast with Spectrum Access management.  Note that series marked "Spectrum Originals" are also sometimes licensed to TV Networks as well as being available directly to Spectrum customers.  And for any TV Series listed, description may not be available for all seasons, although AD for additional seasons may be forthcoming.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Nov 24, 2020; count = 415 titles.

* Note:  Spectrum has advised us that an Android version of the App is a 2021 objective, with current work focused on improving and expanding the iOS App with new features such as the TV series they have been adding in 2H20.

Alphabetized List of Spectrum Access Titles With AD

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SUMMARY:  405 titles.