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Vol 17 No 1 Spring 2001

From the President's Desk
Guest Anne Johnson

In the Winter 2000 edition of Fore~Sight, Volume 16, issue #3, the topic of APS, accessible pedestrian signals, was discussed by Dan Martinez, ACB president. Visually impaired/blind people are being killed while crossing the street, because of the absence of these signals. As an individual who became legally blind in late 1999, I can relate. I was almost struck three times while crossing busy intersections, once, while accompanied by my instructor during cane training. I wish to share my own story of how an audible signal was obtained and installed in my neighborhood. Once I recovered from my initial reaction to going blind, I became a client of VR, who taught me to use a cane. Unfortunately, a cane can't tell you when an intersection is safe to cross. Unable to see the lighted crossing signals near my home, I had difficulty guessing when it was safe to dash to the other side of Camelback Road, in front of my home. My first fear was losing my present position, in an office near downtown, which required two buses. My mobility instructor gave me the name and phone number of the person to contact at Arizona Department of Transportation, to begin the process of obtaining an audible signal. I called her, made the request, explained my dilemma, and was informed, a study of that intersection would be done shortly. Within a few weeks, I received a call, telling me that such a signal is needed, and would be installed as soon as the equipment required arrived. I started to wait. After what seemed like an eternity of days, weeks, and months, and lots of repeat phone calls, I started to believe it would never happen. There were problems with equipment delivery. Finally, I received the news I had waited all this time for, the signal was installed and ready for testing. My instructor and I were directed to meet an A.D.O.T. representative at the site the following week, to test the volume. A date and time was set. On that great day, my instructor and I met an engineer, and Mr. Joel Harris, an ADOT Traffic Signals representative, at the northeast corner of Camelback Road and 31st Avenue. We tested the signal for volume. It sounded wonderful and could be heard on all four corners of the intersection. The entire process, start to finish, had only taken about three or four months. When I first heard my signal, I knew it was meant for goes 'coo coo, coo coo'. Now, whenever I need to cross Camelback Road, my 'coo coo' bird tells me traffic is stopped, and I can cross, safely! * Initial contact was made with Monica Beamen, A.D.O.T. representative

* (602) 262-6284.

Irons in the Fire
Gail Elaine Irons 1st VP

1.It's time to apply for summer camp! For an application for Camp Tatiyee, at Lakeside (near Show Low), contact the Lions Foundation - (602) 275-1764; 1016 N. 32nd St., Suite. 5, Phoenix, AZ 85008. The session for physically challenged adults - including the blind and visually impaired will be June 10-15.

The Christian Record Service sponsors several camp sessions across the country for blind or visually impaired people. Arizonans can apply for any of the programs; there are several in California. For infomation, contact:
National Camps for Blind Children/Adults,
4444 S. 52nd St.,
Box 6097,
Lincoln, NE 68506-0097;
(402) 488-0981

2. There are several resources for Bibles and other devotional literature in accessible formats. I will list a small sampling. Of course, the Braille and Talking Book program has many religious books available on loan.

Lutheran Braille Workers, Inc. produces materials in large print or Braille, in several languages. They make them available free of charge, to people all over the world. They have four volunteer production centers in Arizona. For a catalog, write to them at PO Box 5000, Yucaipa, CA 92399-1450.

One source for free Bibles on cassette is Aurora Ministries, BibleAlliance, PO Box 621 Bradenton, FL 34206; (941) 748-3031.

Unity School of Christianity, Silent-70 Braille Ministry, makes its monthly devotional pamphlet "Daily Word" available free in Braille or on cassette, and for a nominal fee in large print. Unity Village, MO 64065; Monday-Thursday, 7:30-4:00 EST (816) 524-3550, Ext. 6755. They also have a Braille lending library.

If you know of or wonder about the availability of a publication that youmight want to try, contact the organization of interest. You might be pleasantly surprised. Even some hymnals are available. If you don't find what you're looking for, your request could get the ball rolling for the future.

3. June 28-30 the Access to Success Conference will be held in Phoenix. This will be a cross-disability event. For more information, contact Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL): 1229 E. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85034-1101; (602) 256-2245;;

Bobbing Along with Bob
Bob Williams, 4th VP

What is a Credit Union?
How do you join?
Do you have to be blind to belong to the Arizona Council of the Blind Federal Credit Union?

The 44 persons who attended the 30th annual shareholders meeting of the ACBFCU received the answers to these questions, tasty food and much more on February 23rd at the Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Credit union board president, Dr. Frank Kells was again his humorous best in presiding over everything. He announced near the end of the meeting that after 22 years on the board and the last 12 as president he was giving up the presidency while continuing to serve on the board as a director.

The record-breaking turnout of meeting attendees was the result of efficient behind the scenes work by credit union manager Stan Hanshaw assisted by his wife Nancy. Well deserved applause was given to Jill Schramm, Buster Schramm, Mary Jane Davis and other members for their help with the food and table decorations. Commendations were also in order for Nancy Hanshaw, Steve Dunham and Fred Kent for door prizes once again, and a special accolade to Fred Kent for subsidizing a portion of the food cost.

President Kells reported that the credit union paid 3% dividend for the year 2000 and attained the second highest rating possible on its annual audit by the National Credit Union Administration. Supervisory Committee Chairman Patty Hart reported that her committee's review of credit union records found all records in order. Loan Committee Chairman Jill Schramm reported that during 2000 thirty loans totaling $54,290 were approved. Board members Steve Dunham, Frred Kent and Dr. Frank Kells were reelected to 2 year terms. Loan Committee members Jill and Buster Schramm, Rita Peralta, Betty Whedon, and Pearl Bailey were reelected to a new one year term. The board's new President and Vice President are Richard Bailey and Robert Williams respectively.

Guest speaker, Mary Lee Brommel of the Arizona Credit Union League reported that Arizona now has 68 credit unions with over 1.2 million members with combined assets of 6.6 billion dollars. The league is currently running a radio and TV marketing program promoting credit unions in general. >P> Now to answer the questions posed at the beginning of my article:
Any member of the Arizona Council of the Blind whether sighted, visually impaired or blind can also belong to the credit union. Prospective members should call Manager Stan Hanshaw at 602/273-1510 for information how to join.

AzCB President Dan Martinez challenged the members of the credit union to reach out to other blind and visually impaired individuals and tell them about the credit union and ask them to become members. Many blind and visually impaired individuals are unaware of our credit union and the things it does that other credit unions cannot or wont do for members such as writing checks for bills with only the cost of postage to pay for that service. If the credit union is going to expand and meet its mission then we have to reach out to the community of blind and visually impaired as a whole. Other members of the AzCB attending were Dr Edwin Druding, Ruth Druding, Hal Newsom, Arie Levels and Faye Williams.

Who's Got the Bug??

Arizona Council of the Blind along with the Ariz. Diamondback Little League and the Great Dane Rescue of Ariz. is several hundred dollars richer, thanks to a raffle held by the Ten Million Rainbow charity established by Mary Ann Brandt of Phoenix. She won notoriety when she won the Publishers Clearing House ten million dollar sweepstakes in 1995. She wanted to return to the community something tangible. She raffled off her 1978 Classic Volkswagon Beetle convertible with an odometer reading 27,535 actual miles. The appraised value of the vehicle was $16,500. The drawing was made at the Brandt home on the evening before Superbowl. Ruth Druding was one of the representatives of the 3 charities to draw a name. The winner was drawn by a CPA firm and was called to pick up his prize. He was as skeptical as anyone could be and Dr Edwin Druding finally convinced him to come over. He graciously returned the additional $500 that went with the prize to the charity. His name is withheld for privacy.

Arizona Council extends its appreciation to Mary Ann Brandt for her generosity. Hopefully this will become an annual event.

Mid-Year Board Meeting

President Dan Martinez and Board member Ruth Druding attended the mid-year national meeting in Des Moines IA on Jan 11-15th. They represented Arizona in business conducted by the American Council of the Blind, our parent organization. Details of the proceedings are found in the Braille Forum. Traditionally, the mid-year meetings are held at the location selected for the annual national convention held in July each year. This visit also gives us a "leg up" on the location and demographics of the hotels before the hecticness of the summer convention.

Speaking of Conventions

Dr. Edwin Druding, Convention Coord.

The 30th Annual Convention of the Arizona Council of the Blind will be held May 11th to 15th. It will be at the Quality Resort and Hotel Inn, 3600 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ Phone 602/248-0222. We have secured a special discount rate of $65.00 single/double + 11.07% tax. In order to receive this discount room rate, reservations need be made no later than April 11, 2001. When calling notify reservationsist that you are with the Arizona Council of the Blind, Inc.

Another smoking deal!

The AzCB Board voted to subsidize $20 per room per night. That will cut the cost to individuals. You must show the treasurer that you are registered for one or two days to receive this discount beyond the rate listed above. Regular room rates are much higher than our convention negotiated rates.

We are anticipating a great turn-out for this 30th anniversary. We have persuaded Mr. Charles Crawford, the National Representative from the American Council of the Blind in Washington D.C. to be a speaker and presenter. The chosen theme "Taming the Mean Streets". The cost for registration has been traditionally held at $20. This is the same as 20 years ago. For your $20 you will receive a snacks on Friday evening, continental breakfast, lunch and the banquet on Saturday and continental breakfast on Sunday morning. (You cant get that much at McDonalds.)

You need to be a member to get that price, and you can become a member for $10.00 for the year or for $5.00 if you are renewing your membership.

Transportation has always been a problem particularly for those members and potential members who live out of Metropolitan Phoenix area. The board is interested in methods that would allow the "out-of-towners" to attend the meeting. These are some options:
1. Share a ride. If you are planning to come to the convention and have your own personal driver, be willing to take another passenger,
2. If you are in need of a ride and would like to attend the convention, contact someone from your area that may be going.
3. Shuttle transportation from your area to Phoenix, such as the airport shuttle, may be available.
4. Greyhound Bus services to Phoenix may also be available from your area
If any of the above options pertain to you, would you please call Hal Newsom (602) 433-7936. We will try to assist you in making arrangements. We already have one lady who will be taking the shuttle from Lake Havasu City. There may be some monies available to help subsidize transportation. Again call Hal Newsom for specifics.

Editor's Note:
A new column is being added with this issue. Dr Kells has been a member of the Arizona Council since its early beginnings. I have asked him to write a column addressing the history of the AzCB and other items of interest.

As I See It
By Dr. Frank Kells

The other day on the David Lieboitz's KTAR talk show he had come across a copy of a bill in the State Senate which confused him. Someone had crossed out the words "handicap" and "handicapped" and wrote in "disability" and "disabled". What's the deal here? Is this Political Correctness rearing its head again?

I called in immediately, thinking I might shed some light on his problem. This was a mistake because, as you know, the talk show wants HEAT not light. Anyway, I tried to explain that I was an old timer who thought we had settled this pretty well 25 years ago at the White House Conference on HANDICAPPED INDIVIDUALS, where I was privileged to serve as AZ State Chairman. "Handicap" had a positive connotation, as in horse racing-it's the extra weight put on the BEST HORSES to even up the race; or it serves as a penalty on the BEST GOLFER to even the match.

A more important rationale was that the UN World Health Organization had just issued a set of four official definitions of the terms DISORDER, IMPAIRMENT, DISABILITY and HANDICAP to clear up confusion and end their interchangeability:
DISORDER: a medically diagnosed abnormal condition (e.g, glaucoma)
IMPAIRMENT: The measured effect of the disorder on the function of an organ or body system (e.g. acuity of 20/400, maximum field 15 degrees).
DISABILITY: The negative impact of the impairment on BASIC capabilities (e.g., much more serious for an airline pilot, bus driver or brain surgeon than a musician, lawyer or writer.)
I hope this helps you more than it did David L. - - Anyway, what do you think?

Meet the New Kid on the Block

Guide Dog Users of Arizona
An affiliate of Guide Dog Users Inc.

Would you like to be a part of a leading consumer and advocacy organization of people with visual impairments using guide dogs in the state of Arizona?
Guide Dog Users of Arizona, (GDUA) is a membership organization of guide dog users, puppy raisers, and sighted or visually impaired individuals committed to an enhanced quality of life for all Arizona's guide dog teams.
GDUA offers support, advocacy, and mentoring to all of Arizona's guide dog handlers seeking assistance. Our quarterly publication serves as an important link in keeping our statewide membership connected and informed.

GDUA members shall gather together twice a year for events full of fun, fellowship, and enlightening presentations

Members and committees of GDUA work year round to influence change in many vital areas including:

? Public awareness,
? Education,
? Civil Rights
? Legislative Issues
? Special Needs

Membership in GDUA will also provide automatic membership in Guide Dog Users, Inc. and The American Council of the Blind. GDUA members will receive PAW TRACKS, a quarterly publication from our national Guide Dog users Inc. Office and the monthly publication THE BRAILLE FORUM published by the American Council of the Blind.

For more information on how you can become a founding member of GDUA, please contact:

Guide Dog Users of Arizona
Ginger Bennett
4531 East Sandia Street Phoenix, AZ 85044 480-227-7744
Visit us at

Board Positions Open

Two vacancies are open on the AzCB Board of Directors, according to Robert Williams, Chairman of the Nominating Committee. If anyone is interested in having their name placed for nomination please contact him at 623/938-7776.

By Thomas Belsan

One question I have asked many people lately is "Have you listened to ACBRADIO?". The major response is that the person is not on the Internet. Well that is not the only way to hear ACBRADIO. OK, yes, the Internet is the only way. But a computer and software and hardware to use the Internet are not needed any more. If you have Sun Sounds and register for Sun Dial you will have the ability to use the Internet on your telephone. ACBRADIO is only a very small part of the wonderful information and listening fun you can have using your telephone. You can hear the live broadcasting that is on Sun Sounds. You can get synthetic speech to read you many newspapers from around the world. With a little practice and a little more patience you can go almost anywhere on the Internet and get information and listening enjoyment. It is a great alternative. Get it, try it, and if you have questions get help and don't give up. You can always give me a call about any questions about the AzCB Web Page and I will try and help.
Tom Belsan phone 480 373-8831
or Email at

Another interesting Link from the AzCB Web Page is the Public Radio Fan connection from the Groups Page. I have not been able to get it to work very well yet but it looks very good. You should be able to listen to almost any Public Radio Station in the country over your Internet connection. The Site has a place for you to list your favorite shows and it will tell you when and where to listen.

If you are using the Internet and have not been to the AzCB Web Page please try it and send me a note about the good and bad you find there. If you have been to the site and did not send me a note come back and send a message. If you are using our site please vote for us using the Link at the beginning of the Web Page. Let's get a big group of people using the AzCB Web Page and make it a starting point for all Internet user's of all visual levels. Tom Belsan Email: Web Site:

30th Annual Convention of the
Arizona Council of the Blind, Inc
Quality Hotel and Resort Inn
3600 N Second Avenue Phoenix AZ
Phone 602/248-0222
May 11-May 13, 2001

6pm Friday, May 11 Fun and Games Mixer
Table games, cards, computer games, accessible games. Meet old friends: Make new ones (Suggest 50-50 Raffle. Winner announced on Saturday at banquet) Refreshments

Saturday May 12

8:30-9:00 Registration Barbara McDonald
Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremonies
Prayer - Richard Bailey, 3rd Chaplain
General Information- Dr Edwin Druding, 2nd VP, Convention Chm
Welcome- Introduction of Guests- Dan Martinez, AzCB President

9:30-10:00 Safe Streets from the Top Down
Charles Crawford, Executive Director, American Council of the Blind,Washington

10:00-10:30 Nominating Committee Report
Robert Williams 4th VP
Election of Officers and Board

10:30-11:30 Concurrent Sessions
A. How Do We Get There From Here?
Cognitive Mapping; Taking the "O" out of O&M
Julia Davis, Mobility Instructor
"Through the development of mental mapping skills, effective and efficient independent travel is greatly enhanced. Whether you use a white cane or a guide dog, this presentation will help you develop mental maps and build self orientation skills and techniques."

B. Guide Dog Users
Ginger Bennett, AzCB Board Member
Organizational meeting.
Election of Officers

11:30-11:45 Break for Lunch (Luncheon Speaker)
Walk On Green - Accessible Crossings. - Lucas Franc Traffic Engineer
Audible Signal Vendors
Bus Transportation

1:30-2:30 Travel: Across the Street or Across the Nation; Travel Tails and Caning tidbits

Charles Crawford, Executive Director ACB, Washington DC
Tom Belsan, AzCB Board, Webmaster
Ginger Bennett, AzCB Board
Denise Thompson, Az Governors Office

2:30-2:45 Break

2:45-3:45 "Hands on and Hands off" Street Smart Self Defense.
Self Defense Trainer, Phoenix PD

3:45-4:15 "I can't get there from here" Local Transportation

4:15-4:45 Guide Dog Training
Guide Dog School Instructor
(speaker not confirmed??)

5:00-7:30 Banquet
Welcome Remarks "Turning of a Page" Dan Martinez
Welcome Remarks from newly elected president.
Install new Officers and Board Members -
Charles Crawford ACB Nat'l Rep
Introduce Used officers and board members
Prayer Robert Williams, 4th VP
Award Scholarships- Tom Belsan, Scholarship Chairman
Recognition of Guide Dog Affiliate Speaker (unconfirmed)

7:30-9:00 Hospitality in Crawford's Suite

Sunday May 13

8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:30 Non-Denominational Services (Speaker not confirmed)

9:30-12:00 Business Meeting
Install New officers/board members
Unfinished Business
New Business
Constitution Amendments
Convention 2002

Convention Registration Form

Address______________________________City________ Zip______

My entrée choice for the banquet is:
[ ] London Broil [ ] Coconut Chicken [ ]

I prefer my convention program in
[ ]Large Print [

I will need accommodations for
[ ] Wheelchair [ ] assisted listening device
[ ] other (specify)_____________________________________

[ ] I am applying for the $20/per room/per night subsidy for my hotel

Enclosed is my check for
______ registrations @ $20.00 = _____________
(Registration includes luncheon and banquet charges)
Make checks payable to Arizona Council of the Blind
And mail to Dr Edwin Druding, Convention Chairman,
7628 N 49 Ave,
Glendale, AZ 85301-1512

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