AZCB June Board Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Barbara McDonald, Daniel Martinez, Sharon Booker, Ted Chittenden, Robin Paraskevas, Thom Booker, Marlene Decker, and Carlos Paraskevas

Members Absent: Jeff Bishop

Guests: Bob Williams

Introductory Material: At 9:00, everybody introduced themselves and a quorum was present. Ted read the agenda and there were no additions. The minutes for the 05-11-2013 AZCB Board meeting were approved.

Treasurerís Report: Robin said that she, Tim, and Kelly were scheduled to meet on Friday, June 21 at 12:00PM to go over the AZCB Treasury material. Ted agreed to send to Tim the list of current addresses for the current Corporation Commission requirements. Dan motioned that the Treasurerís report be tabled with Robin seconding. The motion carried unanimously.

Presidentís Message: Barbara didnít have one, but she had Marlene introduce herself and give a short autobiography.

Officer Transfers: Dan suggested that the Board needs to look at officer transfers. He was concerned that it was taking longer to transfer duties from one officeholder to the person that succeeded him/her to the office in question. He was also concerned that there was no backup plan should an officeholder become incapacitated while in office. Barbara wanted to know when this should be done. Ted asked whether this should be handled by the Board or a committee. Dan said that it could either be handled by the Board as a whole or by a special committee appointed by the AZCB president and that he thought it should be done soon.

Chair Appointments: Barbara stated that, as of yet, she had not appointed any committee chairs. She also raised a question about whether nonmembers could serve on committees. Dan stated that the constitution restricts committee service to AZCB members.

Resolutions: Ted updated the Board on the Resolutions Committee and Resolution 2013 which he had emailed to Mark Rikert, the current ACB Resolutions chairperson. Barbara asked why the resolution that Ted forwarded was shorter than the resolution that passed at the AZCB convention on May 3. Ted responded by saying that he had edited out the portions of the resolution that required the Arizona ACB convention delegate to present the resolution to the Resolutions committee.

Advocacy: Barbara asked whether Ted had contacted the office of Ed Pasteur about sponsoring a vehicle donations bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. Ted stated that he hadnít and recommended that the AZCB join with other nonprofit groups (such as AZDAC) with the goal of all of the nonprofits speaking as one on this issue.

Newsletter: Sharon stated that while she has some articles, she hadnít received articles from the Board members or the students commenting on the May convention. Barbara said that Cynthia Woods at the FBC will send their newsletter article by 6/10. Barbara also stated that Sharon should print an article forwarded last month on charitable giving.

Fundraising: Ted stated that he sold 5 coupon books. Barbara stated that she had sold 7. Sharon said that the SAZCB sent a check for $180 to AZCBís main office. Robin stated that she did not yet have access to the AZCBís main office but that she hoped to gain that access after she met with Tim on June 21.

Executive: Barbara briefed the Board on the decision made by this committee to pay a blind personís back rent. Robin stated that the money was paid and the lease was renegotiated. Dan stated that he has a notarized copy of the agreement pursuant to the Executive Committeeís request for proof that the payment made was the full amount required.

Software Purchase: Robin stated that after sending information to the Board, Tim had contacted her saying that the AZCBís current accountant, Stacey, wanted the organization to wait at least a year before purchasing new softwareóQuickBooks was supposed to be coming out with a new accessible version next year. The Board agreed to table the issue, with Dan noting that this should come under the scope of handling transfers better and creating a backup plan. Robin also wanted to know how the taxes are being handled for August 15. Bob stated that the organization followed the calendar year for tax filings. Robin then said that she would discuss the situation with Tim on June 21.

VRate: Dan brought up the idea of whether the AZCB wanted to sponsor the VRate conference on December 13 for $1500. He stated that the $1500 would include a table near the breakout rooms; mention of the AZCB sponsorship on VRateís website, literature, and meeting room doors. Ted wanted to know how effective printed signs on a door would be at attracting new blind AZCB members. Sharon raised the concern that there would be a lot of cost with no assured outcomes. Barbara asked how the outcome could be measured, and Dan responded by saying that the outcome could be measured by the number of new members the promotion attracted. Ted moved to spend the $1500 on the VRate convention with the goal of increasing the organizationís membership by 5 persons which Carlos seconded. Sharon then stated that she didnít support this motion because of its cost. Carlos stated that this action would be a good replacement for the AZCB fall conference. A vote was taken and the motion passed by a vote of 5 to 2. Those voting in favor of the motion were Barbara McDonald, Daniel Martinez, Ted Chittenden, Robin Paraskevas, Carlos Paraskevas, and Marlene Decker. Those voting against the motion were Thom and Sharon Booker.

Auction Item: Dan said the Kachina doll was purchased and shipped to Barbaraís house, but that the order could take up to 10 days for delivery. Barbara said that she would check with her husband Dick to see if anything had been delivered to her residence.

ACB Subsidy: Barbara will be the delegate and Penny Crane agreed to be the alternate. Bob stated that he believed that $500 had been set aside for the ACB national convention attendance by the delegate. Ted said that he will check the current budget to see how much money had been budgeted for this purpose.

Website updates: Barbara stated that because his wife was in the hospital, Jeff Bishop had been unable to update either the Website or Board list. Ted suggested contacting Lisa Brooks because sheís no longer working for SAAVI. Barbara stated that she had been trying to contact Lisa regarding the GDUA with no response but that she would try asking her about working on the website.

Appreciation certificates: Barbara stated the AZCB appreciation certificates were mailed to the members who were not present at the May 3 AZCB conference. Ari and Hal Newsom called and thanked Barbara for sending theirs. Barbara also stated that appreciation certificates for the ABIL staff will be dropped off next Thursday (June 13) when she attends the next AZDAC meeting.

ACB Elections: Barbara stated that she wanted feedback from AZCB members about who she should vote for in the AZCB elections. Sharon stated that she believed this was a decision for the Arizona delegate to make on his/her own. Ted stated that the ACB was making an effort for more participation from convention nonattendees in elections through email and phoned-in voting procedures, though he was sure it didnít apply to the nominating committee. Ted then suggested that AZCB Board members look at who is running for the various ACB positions on the organizationís website and then relay who they would vote for to Barbara before she leaves to attend the national convention.

Board Membership: Thom proposed that each chapter have one designated representative on the Board, preferably the chapter president. Ted stated that this would require a constitutional amendment and he requested that Thom forward the exact changes he wanted in the AZCB constitution to him so that they could be put on the schedule for the next AZCB conference. Thom then requested that Ted email the current AZCB constitution to him.

Creating a Participation Calendar: Barbara stated that she wanted someone to volunteer to create a calendar of events in which the AZCB could participate and promote itself. Robin volunteered to start a Google calendar but she needed participation from other members about events to add. Robin suggested that one event could be the walk for Muscular dystrophy held at the Tempe Town lake every March. Another possible event could be the FBC Walk usually held in October. 

VRate Update: Dan stated that VRate will be held at the south end of the Phoenix Convention Center on December 13, 2013. Dan said that the accessability was reasonable and that the site had a very good layout.

AZDAC: Barbara stated that AZDAC will be meeting on June 13, 2013. She said the group was looking for additional organizations to participate.

RSA Clients: Ted agreed that he would represent the AZCB at the July meeting after Dan requested that he represent the GCBVI at the June 12th meeting.

GCBVI Report and Next Meeting: Ted gave a brief description of what happened at the GCBVI Executive Committee focus meeting with employers. He then stated that the next GCBVI meeting would be July 26, 2013, and that the next GCBVI Public Information Committee meeting (which he will chair) will be on June 11.

Maricopa County Club Meet and Greet: Barbara said that she and Dan had put together a pizza party that would be held at the Arizona Center for the Blind on June 12. The goal of this meeting was to see how much interest there would be in continuing the Maricopa County Club for the Blind.

SAZCB: Sharon stated that both the SAZCB book club and chapter meeting were being postponed due to a lack of interest. She was now looking for a place in downtown Tucson that could host both meetings in the late afternoon or early evening.

Phoenix Chapter: Barbara said that she was going to try to have a Phoenix chapter meeting, either by phone or in person before the end of June.

GDUA: Nobody representing this organization was at the Board meeting so this item was tabled.

FBC Presentation: Ted stated that he had agreed to discuss the AZCB before an audience of FBC students on June 26.

Next Meeting Date: Ted suggested (and Sharon seconded) that the next AZCB Board meeting should be held on August 10 because of the July national convention. Barbara stated that she didnít want to decide that until she reviewed this meetingís minutes to see if there were any items that needed to be discussed in July.

Adjournment: Ted moved to adjourn the meeting, and Thom said that this didnít require a motion. Barbara then adjourned the meeting at 11:20 AM.