05-11-2013 AZCB Meeting Minutes

Officers and Directors Present: Barbara McDonald, Dan Martinez, Ted Chittenden, Sharon Booker, Thom Booker, Jeff Bishop, Carlos Paraskevas, Robin Paraskevas

Guests Present: Tim Connell

Barbara called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Roll call was taken, and a quorum was present.

April Meeting Minutes: Carlos Paraskevas motioned that the meeting minutes for April be accepted as written with Sharon seconding. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurerís Report: Tim gave the final Treasurerís report under his watch. He said that he  will wrap up the conference accounting and then he will turn over the books to Robin. Tim stated that he would like to get together next week or the week after with both Barbara and Robin to go to Wells Fargo to change the signatures on the bank accounts. The last piece of the transition would be updating the Treasury files. Dan asked whether Robin will have the tools and policy documents to do the job. Tim responded that he will be emailing the information to Robin as part of the transition. Robin asked what edition of QuickBooks Tim was using. Tim said 2008-Pro, and Robin said that she was using QuickBooks 2010-Pro. Barbara asked if the AZCB will have to purchase the 2008 version for Robin. Tim said that it might be possible to purchase Quickbooks 2008. Robin interjected that QuickBooks was no longer supporting their software after three years. She suggested that the AZCB account move to the on-line version which is automatically updated. Tim discussed the history and importance of vehicle donations and changes in the tax laws for the new Board members. He then discussed some of the how-toís of the office with Robin. Dan asked when the Corporation Commission filing was due, and Tim said this filing was due by July 1. Barbara asked about taxes, and Tim said they were due by August 15. Dan Martinez requested that the decision of which accounting software to purchase be delayed until the next meeting. Robin said that she will research other accounting software programs that are available, and Jeff Bishop said that he will investigate what other ACB affiliates, particularly the one in Illinois with Ray Campbell, are doing for accessible accounting software.

Change Requests: Dan requested that VRate be moved to New Business, and Jeff requested that phone numbers of the individual Board members be sent to all of the Board members. Both requests were granted.

Board member introductions: Barbara asked that the new Board members give brief autobiographies about themselves.

AZCB Committee Chair Appointments: Barbara said that she will be contacting current committee chairs about their chairmanships. Ted said he wanted to stay Resolutions committee Chairperson. Tim said that he was willing to stay on the Fundraising committee.

Post-Conference Committee meeting: Dan said that the committee met last Thursday to go over the successes and failures of the AZCB conference. Overall, the meeting went well, but there was concern that there were not enough current members present. Carlos asked about how many new members applied. There were three new membership applications that Tim knew about, and Barbara knew a person from ABIL who wanted to sign up. Barbara noted that increasing membership was very important at these conferences.

PR Committee: Sharon Booker said that new articles for the next AZCB newsletter are due by June 10. Barbara notified the Board of a letter she received about how to contribute to charitable institutions. Barbara said she will send the letter she received to the Board for consideration for publication in the AZCB newsletter. Carlos asked about including  written comments made by the scholarship winners. Sharon said that those comments should be placed in the fall newsletter. Carlos indicated that he wanted to see their responses to the conference they attended.

ABIL Poster Motion: Dan said that he created certificates for each of the 10 volunteers from ABIL with a poster containing all of their names that would be delivered to ABIL. He said the creation of the poster would cost approximately $30 to $40. Ted moved that we look at creating a poster thanking the volunteers and promoting the organization. During discussion, Jeff raised concerns about supporting this motion in a public way. Dan called for the question, and the motion was voted down.

Carlís Jr. Coupon Books: Barbara stated that 133 coupon books were still available to sell and that Dan had created promotional materials for both the Tucson and Phoenix chapters to use. Ted said that he was willing to sell 50 coupon books but the he wasnít willing to front the $1 per book purchase price to sell them, believing that this cost should be borne by the chapters. Barbara and Sharon then discussed how any money earned from these coupon books was to be distributed between the organization and its individual chapters.

Brief Fund: The Chair of this committee wasnít present, and Barbara stated that she had not heard about any new BRIEF applications.

Constitution and Bylaws: Ted briefly went over the requirements of the resolutions and some of the Bylaws. He also explained his extracurricular activities to get Resolution 2013-03 (opposing the proposed changes to how the Social Security Administration determined annual inflation rate increases) to the attention of the ACB. Jeff stated that it was better to get this resolution in sooner than later. Jeff also wanted to know if Ted could send the complete AZCB Constitution with the 2013 amendmendts attached to him via email which Ted agreed to do.

Auction Items for ACB Convention: Dan apologized for not researching this further other than finding a variety of kachina dolls and costs. He said that he would have more complete information at the next Board meeting.

ACB National Convention Attendance: Barbara said that at this time, the only AZCB members who would be attending the national convention in Columbus, Ohio, would be Penny Crane; Judy Brangwyn; and Barbara, along with her husband Dick . She said that while she could serve as delegate, she could not serve as the alternate, and she asked the rest of the Board if any were planning to attend. When no one said ďyesĒ, Barbara said that she would approach Penny and Judy about being the alternate AZCB delegate.

Update on Website and Chat and Board Lists: Jeff stated that he was meeting with Tom Belsan next week about transferring the AZCB website information to a new domain. Barbara inquired about whether a separate list for advocacy issues should be created, fearing that the advocacy information could be driving members away. Jeff said that he didnít think this was the case, but he recommended that Barbara send a note to the AZCB chat list asking for opinions on the topic.

VRate: Dan proposed that the AZCB spend approximately $1500 to sponsor either the main stage or the side room conferences at VRate this year on December 13. Ted seconded this motion for discussion. Ted then motioned that Danís motion be tabled until more definite information was known about the costs of being promoted through VRate which was seconded by Sharon. Jeff suggested that when known, the cost information could be sent to the Board members via email, and the Board could vote by email on whether to proceed. Tim suggested that the AZCB consider forgoing a fall conference and utilizing the savings doing the VRate conference instead. Tedís motion to table the proposal until next month passed unanimously.

Membership Procedures Committee: Barbara asked if a Membership Procedures committee should be appointed. Dan said yes, because there was some confusion about the procedures for becoming an AZCB member. Discussion ensued regarding who might be asked to join this committee and the issues surrounding membership applications and renewals.

Fall One-day Conforence: Barbara asked about having a fall one-day conference. Ted moved that this proposal be tabled until the issues surrounding the costs of sponsoring VRate were determined. Sharon seconded this motion, and it passed unanimously.

Medicaid Expansion/Restoration: Barbara said that she was planning on attending the rally sponsored by AZDAC and others in support of the governorís proposal to save Arizonaís ACCESS health care plan on May 15 at the State Capitol, but that any support she gave could only be her own individual support because the AZCB had not taken a stand on this issue. Ted motioned that the AZCB back the governorís proposal, noting that many poor blind adults relied on ACCESS for their healthcare. Dan seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Date and Time of Next Board Meeting: The date and time for the next AZCB Board meeting will be Saturday, June 8, 2013, from 9:00 to 11:00AM.

GCBVI: Ted said that the next GCBVI meeting would be next Friday (May 17) from 12:30-3:30 PM. Sharon requested that Ted forward the videoconferencing addresses to her, and Ted said he would do this. Jeff wanted to know if there was a conference line and what the phone number was. Ted explained that Carolyn Maciel had said at an earlier meeting that she needed to be informed before the conference number could be given out. Dan said that because the GCBVI meetings were public, Ted was free to give out the GCBVI number. Dan then recommended that Ted contact Carolyn as a courtesy to let her know that he was giving out the GCBVI number to Jeff.

SAZCB chapter: Sharon said that the SAZCB chapter meeting for today had been canceled and that a new date for the meeting had not yet been set.

Phoenix chapter: Barbara said that she needed to contact the chapterís executive committee about scheduling a teleconference.

Maricopa Club: Barbara said that this chapter now had only three members and that she was one of those three. Barbara said that she didnít want to run this chapter as well as the Phoenix chapter. Dan said that the Board would have to look at developing that chapter as a whole and that Barbara should not have to worry about taking on the weight of running this chapter.

Financial Accountability: Robin raised concerns about the power she had as Treasurer to sign off on all AZCB checks. Both Ted and Tim explained that the AZCB used this method because of the logistics involved in having the President sign off on all checks. Dan then pointed out how it was done in normal organizations (the Treasurer writes the checks and the President signs off on them to prevent embezzolment by the Treasurer). Dan also said that the AZCB had gone to the treasurerís signature being the only one needed because of the logistical difficulties involved in getting both the President and Treasurer to sign off on those checks. Dan recommended that the AZCBís Budget Committee be given the task of writing up processes and procedures for the handling of money by the AZCB Treasury.

Adjournment: Ted Motioned, and Sharon seconded, that the AZCB Board meeting be adjourned until June 9, 2013. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 11:35AM.