15 Ways to Maximize Your ACB Membership

by Kenneth Semien Sr.

All too often, people join organizations without taking advantage of the opportunity to truly know intricate details of its purpose, mission, and operating practices. This can very well result in a lack of participation and could ultimately result in a decision to forfeit what could have been the ideal vehicle to enhance your life, build great relationships and effectively share personal skills and abilities that can make an enormous difference. In an effort to encourage you to explore the meaningful efforts of ACB, I have included the tips listed below to assist you in being all you can be and help you join with others whose skills complement yours. 

1. Be inquisitive and don't hesitate to ask questions. 

2. Become familiar with the history, mission, and purpose by reviewing it often enough to be able to repeat it to others. In turn someone may realize that this is the organization they have been looking for.

3. Make a personal commitment to identify ways to get involved.

4. Find out who the officers are and become acquainted with them and their roles and responsibilities, as well as members you observe actively participating in events and projects associated with our organization.

5. Make your skills and abilities known to leaders of your chapter, affiliate, or the president of our organization.

6. Make every effort to participate in chapter, state affiliate and national meetings, seminars, conferences and conventions.

7. Inquire about available committees you may be able to serve on to assist the organization in achieving its goals and objectives. Seek to join committees that allow you to utilize your skills and abilities in the most effective and efficient manner.

8. If you have access to the Internet, sign up for up-to-date news and announcements from all levels of our organization. Ask a president or member to tell you how to take advantage of this option.

9. Listen to or read publications/newsletters distributed by our organization on all levels. This is one of the best ways to learn about useful resources, access inspirational stories, scholarships, awards, and upcoming projects and events. 

10. Identify special-interest groups that meet your personal needs. These groups provide you the opportunity to network with others sharing common interests, such as your prior or current occupation, hobbies, health concerns and so much more.

11. Obtain your own copy of the constitution and bylaws to learn of the agreed-upon operating practices and procedures of our organization.

12. Prepare for future involvement as an officer by becoming familiar with officer titles and duties.

13. Participate in conference calls to build your knowledge, such as membership focus calls, periodic Office Hours conference calls with the ACB president, committee calls, and special-interest group calls.

14. Explore the web sites of your chapter, state affiliate and our national organization. You may locate information on the web site that you didn't think of inquiring about.

15. Pay your annual dues faithfully and encourage others to do the same.

The more you know and the more you become involved, the more you will begin to know that you have joined a phenomenal organization that is continuing to grow. Have a great ACB adventure!