April 15, 2003, Board Meeting Minutes

American Council of the Blind
Conference Call
April 15, 2003

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Gray at 8:15pm Central Daylight Time.

Roll call was taken by the secretary. All Officers and Directors were present. Mr. Crawford was also on the call.

President Gray reviewed the Agenda for the meeting:

1. Proposal from budget committee

2. Ms. Ruschival has a Convention Bid

3. Mr. Annunzio has three motions

4. Mr. Charlie Crawford has a couple items

5. Mr. Jim Olsen has ATM information

President Gray began with a discussion of the proposal from Budget Committee.

Mr. Charlson remarked about the fact that the Board had talked about the cost center approach. The committee was told to develop one budget center. They want to be clear that it is not a substitute for the standard budgeting process.

Mr. Olsen stated this procedure would take a great deal of time for his staff if implemented.

President Gray said he would entertain a motion to refer the document to the Executive Committee for further study and amplification.

Motion 1: Mr. Edwards moved that we refer this document to the Executive Committee with two additions: That the Executive Director and CFO be added to that group for purposes of working on the document and that the chair of the budget committee be added as well. Those three groups are to come back to the Board with a document that more nearly meets the needs of all of those groups. The motion carried.

Mr. Pomerantz proposed a friendly amendment that a representative of the Budget Committee be included, but not the entire committee.

Ms. Ruschival presented a convention bid. Two of those cities that bid during mid-year meeting for 2008 and 2009 have come back with further bids.

2008 from Orlando Rosen Center. The bid still stands. Room rates would be $85. The Rosen Center has 1334 rooms including 80 suites. They also presented a Bid for 2009 at a room rate of $89.

The Hyatt Regency in Phoenix presented a bid for 2008. They had submitted a bid for 2005 at $75 per night with the overflow at Crown Plaza. The Convention Center would be used for meetings and exhibits. The $75 room rate was offered for 2008, however, the Crown Plaza is not bidding as the overflow hotel at this time.

At this time there is no bid for 2009.

Motion 2: Mr. Edwards moved that if all of the elements are able to be worked out by the Convention Site Selection Committee, that this Board accept the Phoenix bid for 2008. The motion carried.

Motion 3: Mr. Annunzio moved that we accept bids no higher than $85 per night and that the Site Selection Committee bring a second bid to the Board for 2009. The motion carried.

Mr. Olsen discussed the ATM which is located at the Wood Shed Lounge in Anchorage, Alaska. The machine is having problems. The machine may be moved to the Black Angus Restaurant. At the new location, ACB and the restaurant would each receive a portion of each transaction.

Motion 4: Mr. Edwards moved that we relocate the machine and attempt to exchange the machine and that at our next Board meeting where Mr. Olsen is present receive a report from him on what happened. The motion carried.

Motion 5: Mr. Annunzio moved that we offer to reserve prime location banquet tables at the national convention for companies, groups or individuals for a $1,000 fee per table (including dinner) and the excess funds over expenses go to the ACB general fund. The cut off date will be July 9, 2003. The motion carried.

Ms. Ruschival suggested a special centerpiece, favors or balloon to show off the table.

Motion 6: Mr. Annunzio moved that we seek sponsors for the speakers’ reception at our national convention at a rate of $350 or more and that the funds over the event cost go to ACB general fund. The motion carried.

Motion 7: Mr. Annunzio moved that we define a series of non-voting sustaining membership categories to entities that wish to support ACB but who do not wish to get involved in voting membership activities. The amounts and titles of the contributions are to be established by the Resource Development Committee. The motion carried.

After some discussion, it was decided that Mr. Hodge should send his summary of the board meetings to President Gray for review before sending them on to the Braille Forum Editor.

Mr. Crawford indicated the cost for the summer internship program is expected to be more than the amount allocated.

Motion 9: Mr. Edwards moved that the board authorize the summer internship money and that the extra funds that are needed be taken from extending the time for Ms. Pacheco’s assistant. The motion carried.

Mr. Crawford discussed the computer network and that the national office needs someone who has the ability to work on it. It was the consensus of the Board that Mr. Crawford should handle the situation as he saw fit.

Motion 10: Dr. Bradley moved to adjourn. The motion carried and the meeting ended at 10:22pm Central Daylight Time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Seliger, Secretary