DKM First-Timer Selection Nears

The April 1 deadline is rapidly approaching for submission of 2014 DKM First-Timer applications.  The DKM program provides the opportunity to participate in the national conference and convention as a guest of ACB and the DKM committee and to be part of a two-decade ACB tradition.
Who is eligible for selection as a DKM First-Timer?

  • Age 18 or older;
  • Blind or visually impaired;
  • Member in good standing of ACB; and
  • Never attended an ACB national conference and convention.

What must one do to apply for the DKM First-Timer award?

  • Submit letter to DKM committee including a personal narrative of the applicant's background, participation in ACB and the applicant's affiliate, and a statement of the importance of selection to the applicant's affiliate and community.
  • Submit letter of recommendation from the president of the applicant's state or special-interest affiliate.

What can I expect if selected as a DKM First-Timer?

  • Payment by ACB of reasonable round-trip transportation costs to the national conference and convention;
  • Hotel accommodation (double occupancy) for seven nights;
  • Per diem allowance for meals and incidentals; and
  • Conference registration fees; DKM reception ticket; ACB banquet ticket.

All application materials must be received in the ACB national office not later than April 1.  Send them to Francine Patterson,  If you have questions, contact Allen Casey,