May 9, 2012 Teleconference Meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Council of the Blind

President Mitch Pomerantz called the meeting to order at 5:15 PM PDT.  At the call of the role, the following board members were present:  Mitch Pomerantz, Kim Charlson, Brenda Dillon, Marlaina Lieberg, Carla Ruschival, Chris Gray, Ray Campbell, Berl Colley, Janet Dickelman, Marsha Farrow, Michael Garrett, George Holiday, Jeff Thom, and David Trott.  There was no representative from the Board of Publications; Alan Peterson had an excused absence, and Billie jean Keith was not present.  
After a review of the agenda by Pomerantz, Lieberg moved to accept, Farrow seconded and the motion carried.  
Gray moved to accept the minutes from the February 23/24 meeting of the Board, Dickelman seconded and the motion carried.  
Dillon moved that we approve the strategic plan, Campbell seconded and that motion carried.  
At 5:20 PM, Gray moved that the ACB Board of Directors move to Executive session for discussion of financial matters, Campbell seconded and that motion carried.  
At 8:15 PM, Thom moved and Dickelman seconded that Executive Session be adjourned, and that motion carried.  
Pomerantz reported that during executive session, the Board discussed a significant personnel matter and the Board took recommendations regarding that issue, but there was no official motion.  
A motion to adjourn carried at 8:17 PM.  
Marlaina Lieberg  
Submitted May 10, 2012  
Approved:  June 7, 2012