Reminder about Constitution and Bylaws Amendments

I am writing to remind you of the procedures for proposing amendments to the organization's constitution and bylaws.
Proposed amendments must be presented in writing to the constitution and bylaws committee before the end of the first day following the day of the roll call session of the conference and convention.  For 2014 this deadline is midnight (24:00) Pacific time, Monday, July 14.  Amendments received after that time will not be considered. Amendments, whenever possible, shall be submitted electronically in ASCII text format.
Proposed amendments may be sent to me at  Questions concerning this message may be sent to the same e-mail address or via telephone at (317) 228-0496.
Additional information about the amendment process or procedures of the constitution and bylaws committee can be found in Article X of the ACB constitution and in Bylaw 6, Section D.  The current ACB constitution and bylaws can be read by visiting the About Us section at  We encourage anyone interested in proposing amendments to review the current constitution and bylaws before doing so.
- John Huffman, chair, constitution and bylaws committee