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American Council of the Blind of Nebraska

“People First Causes Second”









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The American Council of the Blind of Nebraska

The American Council of the Blind (ACB) is composed of thousands of people, most of whom are visually impaired, of all ages and diverse backgrounds.  Established in 1961, ACB has over 70 state and special-interest affiliates. 


The Council strives to:

— Elevate social, economic and cultural levels

— Improve educational and rehabilitation opportunities

— Conduct public education programs to promote understanding of blindness

— Provide a forum for people who are blind or visually impaired

— Encourage peer support and assist in developing the abilities of people who have recently lost their sight.


The American Council of the Blind holds an annual convention, offering members timely and informative educational programs, recreational and social interaction with international guests and attendees from across the nation. 


Other ACB activities and programs include:


-- Special-interest affiliate conventions

-- Conventions

-- Legislative Seminars

-- Scholarships

-- Technology

-- Exhibits

-- Newsletters

-- E-mail lists

-- Braille advocacy



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