A Conference Call on Roundabouts

The American Council of the Blind Transportation Committee and the American Council of the Blind Environmental Access Committee are co-sponsoring a conference call on roundabouts on Saturday September 30 2017 from 2-4PM EST


Roundabouts are one of the newest types of intersections and they pose some major obstacles for the blind. Do you know what they are? Are they in your community yet? Do you want to learn more about them? Do you want to discuss current designs and pedestrian access? There will be a panel discussion including experts on what roundabouts are and what designs are best for those of us who are blind. (During the panel discussion lines will be muted so everyone can hear.)


After the panel has completed their presentations lines will be opened up for questions.


Please join us and bring any questions you may have.


The phone numbers to participate are as follows:

605-475-4120 and the pin number is 818-9279


If you are a T Mobile Customer please use the number below:

T-Mobile is 605-475-2880 Pin # 818-9279


Our distinguished panel members include:


Janet M Barlow

Accessible Design For The Blind


Lucas Frank

The Seeing Eye


Bastian Schroeder, PE, Phd

Principle Engineer

Kittelson and Associates Inc.

Transportation Engineering/ Planning


Mike Goehring

Guiding Eyes

Field Representative.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their participation.