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Tandem Cycling

We have started a new program this year, and the members are very excited about getting outdoors and getting some physical exercise. MTCB members are enjoying tandem cycling with the Harpeth Bike club at the Music City Motor Sports race track at the Nashville fairgrounds. Below are some photos of our members riding the double and triple tandem bikes. Sure does look like a lot of work to just go in a big circle.

Contact Information

Please contact Dan, blind cycling coordinator for more information about participating or how you can participate.

Captain Les Wooldridge along with his stoker Dan Dillon (rear) and Captain Tom with his two stokers Tina Crownover, and Carla Conti (front). Captain Les and Dan on the move on the back straight away Tom, Tina and Dan smile as thet pass the camera with Les and Carla a few feet back Tom, Tina and Dan take the high side while Les and Carla stay low around curve one. Note the slope of the track

On June 27, Dan Dillon, Mark Montgomery, Tina Crownover, and Sue Buckley participated with the Harpeth Bicycle Club in the River Ride, a 42 mile stroll accross rural Davidson and Williamson County. To read more about the event go to: a blog for Robert Hendry (RandoBoy), Dans captain during this annual ride.

There is a new list at yahoogroups called blind_cycling. I hope this will generate more interest in tandem riding. We welcome blind stokers, pilots, all topics related to tandem cycling or any sort of blind cycling as some folks get out and ride single MTB's. We're hoping there will be discussions about rides, up coming events, techniques, bike mechanics, etc. This is for both recreational and competitive cyclists.

Please visit: and find the button that says: Join this group, or send an email to:

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September 10, 2014 - Submitted by TCB Webmaster