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Awards and Lifetime Memberships

Below are the past recipients of the different awards that TCB has given or received and the list of lifetime members to ACB and TCB.

ACB Affiliate Website Most Appealing to Members and Non-Members

Presented to TCB by the ACB Public Relations and Membership Committees this day of July 12, 2012

ACB Affiliate Website Most Appealing to Members and Non-Members. Presented to TCB by the ACB Public Relations and Membership Committees this day of July 12, 2012

Temple of Israel

This award was given to a blind or visually impaired person who went on and became a success in life despite their vision problem. This award was given by the Temple of Israel church in Memphis for several years and they discontinued and the state council decided to replace it with the Helen Wild award in honor of one of our members who had worked tirelessly for the benefit of the blind and visually impaired.

Edgar Sing 1988 Memphis Council
Ernie Campbell 1987 East Council
F.W. "Bud" Orrell 1986 Lookout Mountain Council
James Carter 1985 East Council
Dee Snyder 1984 East Council

Ann Kinsel Award

This award was given out to a individual that is blind, visually impaired, or sighted in honor of Ann who was a member of the east chapter who was always going the extra mile to help anyone any way she could.

Elizabeth Mason 2000 Lookout Mountain Council
Joyce Webb 1997 Lookout Mountain Council
Wilma Corbin 1996 East Council
Marcia Casey 1995 Memphis Council
A.O. Archer 1994 Lookout Mountain Council
Charlie Corbin 1993 East Council
Dot Taylor 1992 Memphis Council
Herb Jared 1988 East Council
Melba Wilson 1987 Athens Council
Geneva Thrower 1986 Lookout Mountain Council
Robbie Sue Heltsley 1985 Mid-Tennessee Council
Otis Stephens 1984 East Council

Helen Wild Award

The Helen Wild Award is given in memory of a blind woman who dedicated many years of service to the Tennessee Council of the Blind. She worked to educate the legislators as well as the general public in the abilities of blind people. Helen showed great loyalty to the TCB through the years by serving as secretary and president of the organization. Therefore, this award is to be given to a legally blind individual who has demonstrated the same characteristics as the woman for whom this award has been named in honor. The person chosen to receive this award will be given a certificate and $50.00, or a plaque.

This award is to be given out at the annual state convention.

Margie DeMars 2016 VISGCC
Bobby Cowan 2015 Mid-Tennessee Council
Sandra Richmond 2013 VISGCC
Peggy Ivie 2012 Mid-Tennessee Council
Gordon Dykes 2011 East Council
Richard Harris 2010 Memphis Council
Hattie Bond 2009 Mid-Tennessee Council
Linda Dykes 2008 East Council
F.W. "Bud" Orrell 2007 Lookout Mountain Council
Penny Pennington 2006 Memphis Council
Dan Dillon 2005 Mid-Tennessee Council
Sue Scarlet 2004 Smoky Mountain Council
John Brown 2003 Lookout Mountain Council
Shirley Moore 2002 Smoky Mountain Council
Ken Loden 2001 North Mississippi Council
Gene Rollins 2000 Lookout Mountain Council
Bobby McFalls 1999 Smoky Mountain Council
Brenda Dillon 1998 Mid-Tennessee Council
Randy Herndon 1997 Memphis Council
B.H. Newman 1996 Mid-Tennessee Council
Maggie Thomas 1995 Mid-Tennessee Council
Shirley Moore 1994 Smoky Mountain Council
Bernard Bagwell 1993 Lookout Mountain Council
Robbie Sue Heltsley 1992 Mid-Tennessee Council

Dave L. Day

Dave L. Day award is given out to a individual that is sighted for dedicated service or generous contributions to benefit those who are blind or visually impaired. This award is given by the Mid-Tennessee Council of the Blind and is only given if the selection committee receives a nomination worthy of this honor.

Abdulkadir Mohamed 2016 Mid-Tennessee Council
Bill Davis 2015 Mid-Tennessee Council
Nona Sarver 2014 Mid-Tennessee Council
Sarah Harris 2013 Memphis Council
Susan Shouse 2012 Mid-Tennessee Council
Denny & Claudia Schooley 2011 Mid-Tennessee Council
Mike Willman 2010 Harpeth Bicycle Club
Dot Taylor 2009 Memphis Council
Michael Fulghum 2008 Mid-Tennessee Council
Shelia Towns 2007 Memphis Council
George Shivers 2006 Mid-Tennessee Council
Randy Smith 2005
Sonny Bennett 2004 Mid-Tennessee Council
Pam Robison 2003 Mid-Tennessee Council
Bobby McFalls 2002 Smoky Mountain Council
Moses Sonny Miller 2001
Vaughn Johnson 2000 Mid-Tennessee Council

Lifetime Membership

Hattie Bond * ACB TCB Mid-Tennessee Council
Bunny Carpenter * TCB
Sam Burns * TCB Mid-Tennessee Council
Brenda Dillon * ACB TCB Mid-Tennessee Council
Otis Stephens ACB East Tennessee Council
Dot Taylor * ACB TCB Memphis Council
Penny Pennington ACB TCB Memphis Council
Ken Loden TCB North Mississippi Council
Shelia Towns ACB (2013) TCB Memphis Council
Betty Smith TCB Mid-Tennessee Council
Sue Buckley TCB Memphis Council
Kathy Lamb TCB Mid-Tennessee Council
Jewel Hansbro * TCB Memphis Council
Hubert Hudson * TCB Memphis Council
Dan Dillon ACB (2010) TCB Mid-Tennessee Council
Edith Carter ACB East Tennessee Council
Pam Robison ACB East Tennessee Council
Bobby Cowan ACB (2008) Mid-Tennessee Council
Randy Herndon ACB (2009) TCB Memphis Council
Evelyn Trixie Flippen * ACB (2012) Mid-Tennessee Council
Gordon Dykes ACB (2014) East Tennessee Council
Sarah Harris TCB (2015) Memphis Council
Richard Harris TCB (2015) Memphis Council
Chessy Latendresse TCB (2015) Mid-Tennessee Council
Carol Francisco TCB (2015) Mid-Tennessee Council
Jerry Hearndon ACB (2016) VISGCC
* Deceased