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Though the majority of members are blind or visually impaired, sighted persons who share the common goals of TCB are welcome to join. Each individual chapter sets local chapter dues. Individuals who do not live near a local chapter may join as a member-at-large. Another membership category for any individual, business, or organization (public, private, or civic), having a special interest in services for persons who are blind or visually impaired, is sustaining/supporting membership.

TCB Annual dues are $10.00 which includes membership in American Council of the Blind. The local state chapters have their own membership structure, check with the chapter for their membership fee. If you would like to help the council, but do not have the time, sustaining membership is a viable way for individuals, businesses, and organizations to demonstrate their support for the council and its mission. Sustaining dues are $200.00 per year.

For more information about TCB, please contact any state officer, director, or your nearest chapter, or visit Member benefits include receiving THE BRAILLE FORUM, the national publication of ACB, and the TCB newsletter. THE BRAILLE FORUM is available in Braille, large print, cassette, by e-mail, and on the ACB website ( . The TCB newsletter is available on cassette tape or from the web site. ( .

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If you wish to pay only once, TCB life time dues are $100.00

For more information about membership please contact:

Michael Fulghum, 2012-2014 Treasurer

Michael Fulghum
c/o Tennessee Council of the Blind
4936 Tulip Grove Lane
Hermitage, TN 37076

Phone: 615-391-3940