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Peacock Audio Described Titles

The following programs are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on Peacock in the USA.  Jump to Titles.

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Jun 8, 2021; count = 12 titles.  The New date is the date added here, which may be later than Peacock added it.  Additions to this list are generally posted on Twitter and Facebook.  If you have problems with any of the audio described titles on Peacock, please contact Peacock Customer Service.

Peacock supports most web browsers and streaming devices.  So far we have tested it as working with AD on a Windows browser, iPhone, and iPad.  At this time, the app is not supported on Amazon Fire products directly and must be "side-loaded."  Read:  How to get Peacock on your Fire TV right nowAs this is a new service, please send us any updates for this section!

Alphabetized List of Peacock Titles With AD

Peacock Titles by Rating  |  Peacock Titles by Year Released

Recent Additions

This is our initial listing, and the following titles were all added on Jun 8.

TOTAL:  12 titles.

Breakdown by Genre:

  4 Comedy
  3 Drama
  2 Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  2 Documentary
  1 Thriller