by M.J. Schmitt

Need a little extra cash? Are you willing to take a chance? Enter the 12 Days to St. Patrick's Day Raffle!

I am running this raffle for ACB. It is based on the evening three- number draw of the Illinois state lottery. The raffle runs from March 6-17, 2005. For the first 11 days, winnings are $100 per night. But on St. Patrick's Day, an individual could win $1,000! And what's better, you will have the same numbers every night, giving you 12 chances to win.

Tickets cost $5 each. There are only 1,000 tickets available. If you are interested in participating, send me a check or money order for the number of tickets you want, made out to the ACB 12-Day Fund. Be certain to include your name, address and telephone number, and e-mail address if you have one. Mail them to: M.J. Schmitt, 7320 Dixon, Unit 204, Forest Park, IL 60130. When I receive your payment, I will put your ticket stubs in an envelope and mail them to you.

Once the raffle starts, I will put the winners' names out on the ACB e-mail lists. I will also call the winners.

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