by Sarah Blake

The announcement of products and services in this column is not an endorsement by the American Council of the Blind, its staff, or elected officials. Products and services are listed free of charge for the benefit of our readers. "The Braille Forum" cannot be held responsible for the reliability of products and services mentioned.

To submit items for this column, you may e-mail Sarah Blake at [email protected], or call ACB at 1-800-424-8666 and leave a message in mailbox 26. Please remember that postal regulations prohibit us from including advertisements, and that we need information two months ahead of actual publication dates.


The 10th National/3rd International Conference on Abuse of Children and Adults with Disabilities will be held March 14-16, 2005, at the Riverside Convention Center in Riverside, Calif. Please register early to get the best rate. The Internet discount fee is $265 until March 1, 2005, and $340 after that date. All others: early registration is $275 through February 11, 2005, and $350 after that date. Pay online by credit card for the best rates. Continuing education units are also available! Register online at:


Don't miss the new GDUI greeting cards! These cards come in a boxed set of 10, containing two styles. There are five general purpose note cards and five special birthday cards in this pack. Both have beautiful artwork and make great gifts for puppy raisers and friends. Buy a box for yourself and always have a handy note card or birthday greeting on hand. The set costs $15. To order, call GDUI's toll-free number, 1-888-858-1008. For more exciting gifts, check out the catalog at


The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision at Mississippi State University is conducting research on how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affects people between the ages of 18 and 64 who are blind or have low vision. Your input will help us describe the effects of this law on people with severe visual impairment. The survey includes questions about accommodation requests made because of a visual impairment since January 2000. If you have a severe visual impairment, but made no ADA requests, there is a section for sharing your reasons for not requesting accommodation. Participants may describe none, or only one request, or up to 25 requests that they believe relate in some way to their employment search or job. This includes accommodation or barrier removal requests related to transportation, school and training, communication, or requests for private services such as banks, utility companies, restaurants, and stores, or requests to government services including local, state or federal government services as well as requests for accommodations needed for job interviews or on-the-job. The information gathered is confidential.

The names of people who fill out the survey and the names of any entities mentioned that are covered by ADA will not be published. To take the survey online, visit If you agree to participate, check "yes" and follow the consent link at the bottom of the page to the survey form. If you have difficulty using the online survey form, contact Dr. Frank at 1-800-675-7782, or e-mail [email protected], for a phone survey.


Jeffrey Brasie, president of Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, was recently elected to serve as vice president of the National Council of Agencies for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Clovernook was also recognized recently as a finalist for the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics by the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau.


The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped recently formed the 102 book club to honor its centenarians. National kickoff of the club was held Oct. 27, when a 103-year-old North Carolina woman became the nation's first inductee. Edna White of Jacksonville, N.C., was one of 20 people in the state eligible for club membership.


The next guide dog camp will be held at Camp Wawona in Yosemite National Park May 8-12, 2005. This three-day session will include evaluation of the guide dog team and recommendations for post-graduate training to meet individualized goals and objectives. Seminars will deal with common interests of handlers as well as others who are interested in getting a dog. Other programs will include: country walking, obedience and control, and health and care of a guide dog. Legally blind adults over age 18 who wish to enhance their skills, and others interested in obtaining a guide dog, will be considered for the session.

A $50 deposit for individuals ($100 for schools and organizations) is required. Deposits are due before April 1. The session is limited to 36 campers. For more information on the program, call (559) 439-4457 between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. Pacific, weekdays only.


ACB member Kathy Nimmer, an English and creative writing teacher at William Henry Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Ind., was recently honored with a Butler-Cooley Excellence in Teaching Award from the Turnaround Management Association.


The U.S. Association of Blind Athletes recently named the winners of the 2004 Athletes and Team of the Year awards. Track athlete Royal Mitchell (Hardeeville, S.C.) was named Male Athlete of the Year; tandem cyclist Karissa Whitsell (Eugene, Ore.) received the Female Athlete of the Year award. The U.S. women's goalball team was named Team of the Year. The team included: Jennifer Armbruster (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Lisa Banta (Boonton, N.J.), Nikki Buck (Paw Paw, Mich.), Jessie Lorenz (San Francisco, Calif.), Asya Miller (Battle Creek, Mich.), and Robin Theryoung (Clarkston, Mich.).


Sedgwick Press recently released the fifth edition of the "Older American Information Directory." This edition includes information on associations, disability aids, libraries, government programs, and checklists and articles on topics of concern to most senior citizens -- such as factors to consider when choosing an assisted living or continuing care facility, and two new glossaries on health and medical terms and legal terms. For more information, or to order, contact Sedgwick Press, 185 Millerton Rd., PO Box 860, Millerton, NY 12546; phone 1-800-562-2139, or e- mail [email protected].


Bring your brailler back to life! The Selective Doctor, Inc. specializes in the repair of Perkins braillers and IBM typewriters. Repairs for braillers are $50 for labor, plus the cost of parts. Send your brailler via U.S. mail to: The Selective Doctor, Inc., PO Box 28432, Baltimore, MD 21234. Free matter shipping is accepted. Please insure your brailler; this will cost about $7.20 (if you insure it for $600). The company will add the cost of insurance to your invoice. For more information, call (410) 668- 1143, e-mail [email protected], or visit


Anna Schneider, a Floyd Qualls Memorial Scholarship winner in 1994, died of cancer on June 29, 2004. She was a graduate of the University of Washington in cell and molecular biology, an artist, volunteer, and Mary Kay consultant. Her art was on exhibit at the university during the summer study program. Schneider also held a black belt in aikido.

Arne Husveg, first vice president of the World Blind Union and the immediate past secretary general of the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted, died in his sleep Nov. 16, 2004 at the age of 71. He was dedicated to working for the blind in poor countries; in 1979, he began the Norwegian association's work for the visually impaired in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Husveg also played a key role in the development of the European Blind Union in 1984; he served as EBU's president from 1987 to 1996, and as a board member until 2003.


Lucky Touch Fortune Cookie Company is raising the prices for its cookies. It has small fortune cookies, which are customizable (if ordering 50 or more); chocolate-dipped small cookies; giant cookies; giant chocolate- dipped cookies; and customized gift baskets. For pricing details, call (510) 794-3800 extension 300, fax (510) 794-3828, or write to Lucky Touch Fortune Cookie Company, California School for the Blind, Westridge Dorm, 500 Walnut Ave., Fremont, CA 94536.


Sprint now offers up to 10 free directory assistance calls per month for wireless customers who are blind, visually impaired or physically disabled. As a part of this offer, Sprint will also provide free Voice Command (SM) service. Sprint PCS Voice Command is a voice activated dialing platform that helps customers with disabilities by reducing keypad use and reliance on handset display information. Voice Command works hand-in-hand with directory assistance: once you've requested a phone number, you have the option to save it in your Voice Command directory, so you don't have to call 411 again. For more details about this offer, or to obtain an application for this program, contact Sprint Customer Care at (888) 211- 4727. You can also find out more by visiting


Pulse Data HumanWare and Eschenbach Optik of America recently announced that they are forming a low-vision product strategic marketing alliance in the Americas. Eye care and rehabilitation professionals will have access to Pulse Data's products for the first time through this partnership. Pulse Data and Eschenbach will also work together on marketing activities to professional resellers. Pulse Data will focus on low-vision end users, providing training and installation for consumers, non-profit agencies, educational buyers and strategic accounts. For more information, visit or call 1-800-722-3393; visit or call 1-800-396-3886.


Wondering how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to U.S. students while studying in another country? "Rights And Responsibilities: A Guide To National And International Disability-Related Laws For International Exchange Organizations and Participants," a newly updated 125-page booklet, explores different insights on the interpretation of the ADA and its impact on international educational exchange policy and practice. This publication also looks at non-discrimination laws in other countries, shares stories and perspectives from students with disabilities and disability service advisors, and provides case studies to show how various laws may be interpreted in international exchange settings. The publication can be downloaded at and is also available at no cost in print and alternative formats.


The Docu-Edge system combines cutting edge hardware and software to offer the first truly accessible pocket scanning solution. It includes PaperPort software to enable the user to transfer files from the scanner to a PC, as well as OmniPage for advanced optical character recognition. Docu- Edge also includes audio manuals for use by blind and visually impaired clients. The price is $249. To order, call (916) 956-2054, or visit


Walgreens now offers large print prescription instructions free of charge at all of its stores across the country. Pharmacy patients can request the large print option when they drop off or call in their prescriptions. The pharmacist will provide instructions printed in 19-point type on 8 x 11 paper. All prescription instructions are available in large type in both English and Spanish.


Tim Hendel seeks alumni news for the alumni bulletin of the New York State School for the Blind in Batavia. If you ever went to Batavia, even for a few years, even if you did not graduate from there and do not belong to the alumni, Tim would like to have your news. People who remember you from school would love to know what you are doing these days. Tim can also tell you how to join the alumni association for $5 per year. Contact Tim by e- mail at [email protected] or by phone at (256) 512-9988.

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