FOR SALE: Braille writer, $275. Disk drive for Braille Lite 2000, $200. Calculator for statistics and algebra, $250. Handicassette II player-recorder, asking $75. Talking compass, $25. Contact Rosemir at (925) 969-1877 or (925) 787-6868.

FOR SALE: Kurzweil Reading Edge. In very good condition. Make an offer. Call Ken Presnell at (276) 496-7022 anytime and leave a message.

FOR SALE: Talking Nokia cell phone with software already inside. Comes with cassette manuals. Asking $300. Call Linda Reeder at (801) 468- 2750 (work) or (801) 364-7006, or write to her at 515 S 1000 E, Apt. #805, Salt Lake City, UT 84102.

FOR SALE: Perkins brailler, $100. Talking blood pressure monitor, $100. Talking money identifier, $100. CD burner for stereo system, $100. Contact Kurt Bailey at (617) 861-3175.

FOR SALE: VersaPoint braille embosser with one full ream of 11" x 11 " braille paper. Asking $500. In very good condition; barely used. Write a braille letter to Eileen Wuest, 34 Kelly Ct., Lancaster, NY 14086.

FOR SALE: One standard-size Perkins braille writer in excellent condition, with Dymo tape holder and dust cover. Asking $450. Please contact Amy at (574) 848-7451 extension 319.

FOR SALE: Type 'n Speak. Comes with all utilities; hardly ever used. For information, please contact Pat at (905) 680-0064 or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: APH Handicassette player/recorder that needs repair. It shuts itself off at inopportune times and the sliding switches are not as good as they once were, but they work. Unit is free for pickup, but shipping will be $15 if it has to be shipped. Battery condition is unknown. Contact Robert Bell at (502) 366-4326, or e-mail [email protected].

WANTED: Donation of laptop computer with Windows 98. Minidisk recorder/player. Sharp calculator-clock. Speak 'n Spell, Speak 'n Math, and electronic talking Whiz Kid. Willing to trade Type 'n Speak 2000 for a PAC Mate or Voice Mate. Any Tiger games. Kurzweil Reader 7315 (stand- alone) in working condition. Contact Melody at (609) 347-1552.

WANTED: Laptop computer with Windows 98, floppy disk and CD-ROM drives. Willing to pay in installments. Contact Walter Chavira at (661) 833-3663.

WANTED: Version of ZoomText that is compatible with Windows XP, and a CCTV (either the whole unit or one that plugs into a TV). Cannot afford the new stuff. Contact Netagene Kirkpatrick, 841 23rd Ter. N.W., Birmingham, AL 35215; phone (205) 853-2855, or e-mail [email protected].

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