by M.J. Schmitt

Well, the ACB 12 Days to St. Patrick's Raffle is history! The winners are listed at the end of this article.

On behalf of ACB, I want to thank everyone for their interest and participation in the raffle. Thanks to everyone who was thoughtful and brave enough to send checks after reading about it in "The Braille Forum." You really put us over the top! Thanks to those of you who bought 10 or more tickets. You know who you are and how much ACB appreciates your participation. And thanks go to the people who helped me sell tickets: Ardis Bazyn, who sold to four winners; Marvelena Quesada and Chris Gray; the Ruschival and Cox families; Brian Charlson and Ralph Sanders; and Jim Kesteloot from the Chicago Lighthouse.

Will I do it again? Perhaps. But if I do, I'll do some things differently. Thanks to all who were involved.

The winners are:

March 6, Dr. Ed Bradley, Texas

March 7, Shirley Gray, mother of the president, Washington

March 8, Lillian Johnson, Massachusetts

March 9, Charlene Lofrenz, Iowa

March 10, Jerry Berrier, Massachusetts

March 11, Jaygee Santos, Illinois

March 12, A.M. Fuller, California

March 13, Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of Louisiana

March 14, Juan Simak, Illinois

March 15, Mike Duke, Mississippi

March 16, Myles Tamashiro, Hawaii

March 17, Ralph Sanders, Nevada

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