Kick off the 2005 annual convention of the American Council of the Blind with a fun and informative ice cream social hosted by The Seeing Eye, Sunday, July 3, from 3 to 5 p.m. All convention-goers are invited to drop by to sample a variety of ice cream novelties and enjoy a refreshing glass of iced tea. While you're there, you will have an opportunity to take a walk with "Juno" or embark on an exciting "ride" with SIM.

A Juno walk provides a real-life, real-time chance to get a feel for how a dog guides. A Seeing Eye instructor will introduce you to the harness, show you the appropriate grip and posture, then take you (with the instructor serving as "Juno," the dog) on a brief tour in the hotel. Getting a real feel for how a dog conveys its body movements into significant, yet subtle, guiding signals can be quite enlightening. (Yes, sighted people are welcome to try this, too.)

Taking a ride with SIM can also be quite a thrill. SIM is a dog guide simulator, developed in Holland, designed to provide information similar to the Juno walk. It, too, can give you a practical sense of the dog's movement and energy, which is transmitted through the harness. Unlike the Juno walk, where the instructor pulls from in front of you, SIM places the instructor behind you, pushing the three-wheeled SIM forward, from a position just behind your left shoulder.

Come if you're interested. Come if you're curious. Come if you simply want to have some fun and enjoy an ice cream bar with friends. Check your program for information on our location. The Seeing Eye representatives look forward to seeing you all!

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