FOR SALE: The 1611 King James Bible in braille. 18 volumes Genesis through Revelations, each volume is hard cover and maroon in color. The braille dots remain sharp. Asking $200. The books will be shipped free matter and will be insured. I will only accept a U.S. money order. Contact Johnny Blackwell between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern time at (803) 377-7913.

FOR SALE: 100 Toshiba 8200 notebook computers (Pentium 3), with CD-ROM drives. Asking $245 each. Contact Jimmy Gent, HiTech Assets, Inc., 304 N. Meridian Ave., Suite 9, Oklahoma City, OK 73107; phone (405) 604-4872.

FOR SALE: Color MAX, item #CMU; the MAX camera is a little larger than a computer mouse, but magnifies images onto a screen up to 60 power. It can be used with any television set. Asking $300 plus $12 shipping. FlipperPort, item #FPU; portable digital magnifier by Enhanced Vision Systems. This device has a rotating camera that swivels to magnify objects at a distance, like a presentation board, or points downwards to capture documents on a desktop. Asking $1,195 plus $25 shipping. These are pre- owned items which have been inspected and evaluated by technicians at the Assistive Technology Center in Sacramento. For more information on any of these items, contact the center at 5330 Power Inn Rd., Suite F, Sacramento, CA 95820; phone (916) 381-5011; e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: PacMate, six months old, hardly used. Comes with all cables, QWERTY keyboard. Still in original packaging. Price negotiable. Contact Jay via e-mail, [email protected], or call (954) 346-3727.

FOR SALE: Original screenless Laptalk computer with Microsoft Office XP and Windows XP Home Edition. It has an external modem, a network card, a USB port, an external monitor port, a parallel port and a serial port, as well as a PS2 connection. Comes with carrying bag, print and cassette tape manuals. It also has a PCMCIA card slot, a CD-ROM drive, and a floppy drive. Asking $400. DeskTalk PC with OpenBook 6.0. Has a CD burner, floppy disk drive, and a CD-ROM drive. Also have a Cannon scanner to go with it and an HP DeskJet printer. Asking $650. Contact Marcie by e-mail at [email protected].

FOR SALE: Enhanced Vision CCTV with 20-inch monitor, S-video input and video input. Brand-new, still in box. Serious offers only. Call Brenda Cook at (918) 273-0299 after 6 p.m. Central time.

FOR SALE: External disk drive for notetakers. Asking $100. Talking caller ID. Asking $50. Dymo tape holder for Perkins brailler, $30. Braille clothing and freezer labels with two rows of magnetic Dymo tape, $20. Contact Roger at (510) 229-8035.

FOR SALE: Braille writer with hard case and one Dymo tape holder, $550. Talking scientific calculator, good condition, $300. Contact Rosemir at (925) 798-3395.

FOR SALE: XM satellite radio in excellent condition. Price negotiable. Nokia 6620 cell phone. Contact Lucia Marett, 170 W. 23rd St., Apt. #3-H, New York, NY 10011-2430.

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