FOR SALE: Braille Lite 18 in good condition. Asking $950. Includes a cable that connects the Braille Lite to a disk drive for $25. Contact Anne at (503) 233-0452, or e-mail [email protected]. If e-mailing, please include "Braille Lite" in the subject line.

FOR SALE: Connect Out Loud. Make offer by calling or e-mailing Joel Woodbury at (801) 706-3343, e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Brand-new, unopened MAGic 8.0 standard version with speech. Asking $445. Call Jamie at (408) 997-2803.

FOR SALE: New in box, unopened JAWS professional edition. Asking $750 or best offer. Call (812) 282-4240 or (502) 314-4472, or e-mail [email protected] and include "JAWS" in the subject line.

FOR SALE: Nokia 6620 talking cell phone with two batteries, leather case and charger. Asking $150. Contact Robert at (410) 653-2498.

FOR SALE: Type 'n Speak with charger and all manuals. Asking $200. JAWS 3.5, $150. JAWS 4.0, $150. Open Book 5.0, $200. Contact Steve Hearn at (601) 885-8413.

FOR SALE: Jumbo Perkins brailler in excellent condition. Comes with dust cover and erasers. Asking $300 or best offer. Contact Bernie at (509) 586-8060 in the Pacific time zone, or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Braille writer in great working condition, asking $300. Jumbo brailler in excellent condition, completely overhauled and repaired, asking $375. I will accept payments via PayPal. Call Richard at (703) 451- 5372 or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Braille Note 32 with all the latest software updates; recently serviced. Contact Richard Villa at (512) 447-8860.

FOR SALE: Two Perkins braillers, recently cleaned and serviced. Asking $350 each. Contact Brian Collins at (562) 645-5013.

FOR SALE: Perkins brailler, less than two years old, in excellent condition. Asking $300 plus $20 shipping. Contact Donald Buchanan at (601) 354-5562.

WANTED: Braille textbooks in good condition. Contact Eva Kurtz at (785) 233-5546.

WANTED: Talking HP 34C scientific calculator from Science Products in any condition. Contact Bernie at (509) 586-8060 in the Pacific time zone, or e-mail [email protected].

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