by Melanie Brunson

Do you buy airline tickets online? Do you use online travel sites to make hotel reservations? If you are among the growing number of Americans who do, or if you have thought about starting to do more of your shopping online, I've got some very exciting news for you! Just in time for the summer travel season, ACB has its own travel web site!

Thanks to the efforts of one of our members, Steve Cole of Ohio, ACB has been able to partner with YourTravelBiz and launch a web site where you can go to make a variety of purchases, including reserving airline tickets and hotel rooms. It's convenient, because you will be able to reach this site either through a link on ACB's web site, or by going directly to it. It's comprehensive because of the wide variety of items and services you can purchase through the site. According to Cole, "You can book a hotel room. You can arrange a cruise. You can take a trip by plane, train or bus. You can go to a resort. You can apply for a passport, do foreign currency exchanges, get travel or flight insurance. You can get tickets to baseball, basketball and football games, auto races, music concerts, theater performances. You can send flowers to friends or family. This site even has a honeymoon registry for those planning a wedding." And for every item purchased through this site, ACB will receive 40 percent of the travel commission.

The URL for the web site is We hope that those of you who haven't yet made your travel plans for the convention in Jacksonville will make use of this site to purchase your airline tickets and support ACB while you're at it.

If you've already booked your travel to Jacksonville, don't despair. Just keep us in mind for your next trip. In order to help you remember, Steve and his wife are planning to be at the convention so they can spread the word about ACB's new travel web site and answer any questions about what's available on it, as well as how to navigate it most effectively.

Finally, don't forget to tell your friends and family that they too can book their travel through ACB's web site. Whether your travel is for pleasure or business, or even a state or national ACB convention, you'll have the convenience of access to everything you need in one place, and the satisfaction of contributing to ACB at the same time. Happy travels!

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