Arizona Council Convention Coming Up

The Arizona Council of the Blind will hold its annual convention on May 26 at the Embassy Suites, I-17 and Greenway, in Phoenix. Attendees will hear about transportation and related problems; remodeling of rehabilitation services; diabetes; new issues in macular degeneration; and bioptic driving, among other topics. Rooms are $99 per night plus tax. A van will be available for those requesting transportation within the area. Registration is $25 and includes a continental breakfast, lunch and the banquet. For more information, contact Edwin or Ruth Druding at (623) 937-1211, or via e- mail, [email protected].

ACBGE to Focus on Sections 504, 508, Outsourcing and More

Many of us in ACB Government Employees frequently hear stories from blind employees in federal, state and local governments regarding the problems they are having with adaptive technology, and the lack of technical support. They report a general lack of understanding from supervisors with respect to the requirements of Sections 504 and 508. We are convinced that the implementation of Section 508 has not been as effective as it should have been. ACBGE members will have a chance to hear from Doug Wakefield, who wrote the implementing regulations for Section 508, which are now being revised. Doug will be able to suggest what might be included in this update to give more definitive guidance to blind and visually impaired employees and their supervisors. We must make it easier for us to access the technology on which our employment depends!

Another burning issue for local, state, and government employees is the outsourcing of jobs, causing office closures and downsizing the workforce. Several of our members have had to relocate to another part of the country with almost no notice and without moving assistance. During our annual meeting in Jacksonville on July 13, we will be addressing these topics. Please join us for Doug's important presentation and our annual business meeting, both of which follow the ACBGE luncheon July 13 at 12:30 p.m. You are also welcome to attend the ACBGE Mixer on Sunday afternoon.

BFLAG Continues to Grow

BFLAG has moved its web site to a server that can handle its needs and the new site is getting a lot of hits. It is a resource for new members and is serving to get the much-needed information out around the world. The site has brought in four new members in the last couple of weeks!

Outreach in Jacksonville has already begun for BFLAG and a network of local individuals and organizations is in place and working very well. This network will provide for one of BFLAG's best conventions ever, with events planned both in the hotel and at local sites. On Sunday afternoon, Sunday night after the ACB opening session and on Monday night, after its annual meeting, BFLAG will host parties in the hotel. One of the new events this year is a dinner sponsored by St. Luke's MCC church on Tuesday night. BFLAG and CCLVI will offer joint programs of interest to all convention attendees.

BFLAG programs at the 2006 convention in Jacksonville are open to all. We look forward to meeting a lot of new friends this year. For more information, send a message to [email protected].

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