FOR SALE: Braille Lite 2000. Asking $600 or best offer. E-mail Philip at [email protected] or call (703) 212-9448.

FOR SALE: Modular 80 braille display with cables, driver disks and braille manual. Works great with JAWS; don't know about Window-Eyes. Asking $800. Money order or cashier's check only. Call Carrie Scott at (208) 362- 0641.

FOR SALE: Teletouch for teaching or learning braille. Has a standard keyboard and a braille keyboard on one side, and a six-dot braille display on the other. Asking $250. Call Ronnie Strote at (815) 654-3190 in the evenings Central time.

FOR SALE: Juliet Pro 60 braille embosser. Excellent condition. Asking $2,500. Call Amy at (574) 848-7451 extension 319 or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Type Lite 40. Comes with a QWERTY keyboard, 56K modem and POP3 e-mail support. Includes 18 hours of battery life, a compact flash slot, serial port, charger, the latest firmware revisions, a one-year warranty, and the ability to serve as both a braille terminal and a speech synthesizer. In excellent shape. Asking $3,000 or best offer. Call Don Olson at (703) 920-0922, or e-mail him, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Voice Note Classic BT with version 7.0. Comes with AC adapter/charger, carrying case, earphone, Keysoft 7.0 upgrade, manuals and user's guide, low-power Ethernet PCMCIA card and cable for connecting to the Internet, 128MB compact flash card, a 2-gigabyte compact flash card, a 5- gigabyte PCMCIA card, card holder, and a cassette tutorial covering some of the basic features. Asking $1,250, including shipping anywhere in the U.S. via UPS ground and insurance. Will accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, check or money order, or cashier's check. Contact Pat Ferguson, 205 Joliet Ave. SE, De Smet, SD 57231-2411; phone (605) 854-9296; or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: New and used cassette tapes in good condition. Includes boxes, labels and padded envelopes. Old-time radio programs from the 1930s through the late 1950s, including CBS Mystery Theater, Lone Ranger, Shadow, Life of Reilly, Jack Benny, Escape, Suspense and many others. Other items also available. Call Joseph Kelly at (903) 794-4852.

FOR SALE: Optelec 20/20 CCTV. Asking $500 or best offer. 21-inch KDS computer monitor. Asking $150. Both in excellent condition. Contact John Frank at (662) 615-1430 during business hours Central time, or e-mail him, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Two DECtalk PC internal cards. Asking $100 each. Call Don at (405) 858-8735 evenings or e-mail him, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Braille Note 32 in excellent condition. Asking $1,400 plus shipping. Bookworm, in excellent condition. Asking $700 plus shipping. Mobile phone organizer, does phone calls and e-mail. Asking $1,400 plus shipping. 80-cell braille display. In excellent condition. Asking $2,100 plus shipping. Looking for Versapoint Duo; willing to trade one of the above for one (except the 80-cell display). Contact Isaac Obie via e-mail, [email protected], or phone (617) 247-0026.

FOR SALE: Clarity Deskmate system. This item was used for about two weeks before the owner lost a substantial amount of vision and could no longer use the device. Asking $2,295 plus shipping and insurance. For more information, or to order this device, call (916) 381-5011, visit our web site at www.atechcenter.net and go to our consignment corner link, or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Open Book 5.0. Asking $200 or best offer. Mini MP3 player with three memory cards, two cases for cards, one wrist carrier if walking, one set of earphones, four AAA batteries to power the MP3 player, and a carrying case for all the items. Asking $150 or best offer. If interested, please contact Nancy at (450) 974-4167 or [email protected].

FOR SALE: Ultimate talking dictionary for computer, $25. Text cloner scanning program, $25. Four volumes of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" in braille, $35. Contact Adam Pobursky via e-mail, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Braille Lite 2000, unused, with 40-cell display. Comes with braille manual. Asking $1,300. SuperBraille combination laptop computer and personal notetaker. Comes with speech synthesizer and 40-cell braille display, floppy disk drive, CD-ROM and QWERTY keyboard, and heavy-duty carrying case and online user's manual. Asking $1,000. Eureka 4A portable notetaking device from Australia. Uses six-dot braille keyboard and has synthesized speech output. Comes with user's manual on tape. Asking $300. Contact Dennis Farro at (803) 979-2720 or (516) 825-5815, or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Verizon Pocket PC phone already adapted with Mobile Speak Pocket. Comes with charger, case, accessible user manuals, and cable. Initial set-up guidance can be arranged. Asking $900 or best offer. Contact Latonya at [email protected] or (443) 465-8761.

FOR SALE: Optelec Spectrum color CCTV with 20" high-contrast CRT monitor; utilizes "tilting screen" mechanism for maximum comfort and visibility. Features a smooth riding table, large enough to accommodate a book or magazine. Magnification up to 60X. Hardly used, with original boxes and manual. Asking $900 or best offer. I will ship anywhere in the USA or Canada. Pay by PayPal. Call (408) 263-5015 or e-mail [email protected].

WANTED: Donation of disk drive that works with Braille 'n Speak, Braille Lite, etc. Contact Jos‚ Inacio Laurini, 324 Conego Motta Street, Cabre£va, SP, Brazil CEP 13315-000.

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