by Carla Ruschival

As summer gives way to fall, ACB members begin looking forward to next year's convention. Everyone wants to know: "What are the dates?" and "how do I make reservations?" and "what are the room rates?"

But before we move on to 2007, we need to take a quick look back at Jacksonville and recognize the Florida Council of the Blind, FCB president Debbie Grubb, and the local host committee for a job well done. I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Linda Jacobson, Dan O'Connor, Barbara Brown, Mike Taylor, Gloria Simmons, Debbie Drylie, and Paul Kaminsky for their hard work and assistance in making Jacksonville a great success.

There were approximately 350 different events during convention week in Jacksonville. Planning all of these activities and fitting them into the huge jigsaw puzzle called an ACB national convention is a year-round job. A huge thanks to the members of the convention committee: Margarine Beaman, volunteers; Berl Colley, tours; Patti Cox, Youth Activity Center; Brenda Dillon, sponsorships; Sharon Lovering, communication center; Pam Shaw, information desk; and Mike Smitherman, exhibits. Thanks also to Chrissie Cochrane, Marlaina Lieberg and Steve Matzura for coordinating ACB Radio; to Mike Duke and Jay Doudna for helping with pilot services designed to save dollars for both ACB and its special-interest groups; and to Jerry Annunzio, June Horst, Rhonda Trott and countless others who pitched in to get the job done throughout convention week.

Finally, in my capacity as events coordinator, I want to let all of the special-interest groups, ACB committees, and others who sponsored events and held meetings during the 2006 convention know how much I appreciate their hard work, advance planning, and attention to detail.

Looking Ahead ...

And now we turn our attention to Minneapolis. Convention dates are June 30 to July 7. Convention hotels are the Hyatt Regency ($81 single/double, $91 triple/quad) and the Millennium ($84 single/double, $94 triple/quad), plus tax. The hotels are located literally across the street from each other, and events will be held at both facilities.

You may now make individual reservations for the 2007 convention. However, we ask that you only reserve a room IF you truly have plans to attend. The practice of reserving rooms just in case you decide to spend a week with ACB causes problems such as those experienced by many of you in obtaining rooms in Jacksonville, and can result in unnecessary costs to ACB.

To make individual reservations at the Hyatt, call 1-800-233-1234. For reservations at the Millennium, call (612) 332-6000 or 1-800-522-8856.

To begin planning for convention events, reserve meeting rooms, or let us know that you would like to reserve a suite, please contact Carla Ruschival by phone at (502) 897-1472 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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