FOR SALE: Type 'n Speak, Braille 'n Speak, JAWS for Windows 4.0 and OpenBook 5.0. Asking $200 each. Contact Steve Hearn at (601) 885-8413.

FOR SALE: Brand-new, unused Freedom Scientific Opal magnifier in original packaging with full documentation and with all items with which it shipped. Asking $595 plus shipping. I will accept a personal check, money order, PayPal, or a cashier's check. Personal check must clear before the item will be shipped. Please contact Pratik Patel at [email protected] for further details.

FOR SALE: Type Lite 40. Comes with a QWERTY keyboard, 56K modem and POP3 e-mail support. Includes 18 hours of battery life, a compact flash slot, serial port, charger, the latest firmware revisions, a one-year warranty, and the ability to serve as both a braille terminal and a speech synthesizer. In excellent shape. Asking $1,900 or best offer. Call Don Olson at (703) 920-0922, or e-mail him, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Perkins brailler. Includes dust cover and 1,000 sheets of 11 x 11 braille paper. In perfect condition; only used once. Asking $400 or best offer. Contact Michael Robles at (909) 854-0397 or by e-mail, [email protected].

FOR SALE: JAWS for Windows 3.209 software. Asking $200. Contact Volly Nelson at (912) 557-4182.

FOR SALE: Brand-new See-More electronic magnifier, black and white as well as color; magnifies up to 25x on 14-inch screen. Asking $500 plus $50 shipping. Call or e-mail Paul Guzman, (626) 286-0897 or [email protected].

FOR SALE: Optelec Clearview 317XL CCTV with black-and-white 17-inch monitor, electronic controls and line or window markers. Excellent condition. Asking $575. Payment options available. UPS ground shipping within the continental United States included. Contact Bill at (847) 342- 7155 between 1 and 8 p.m. Central time, or e-mail him, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Like new Freedom Scientific Braille Lite M20 notetaker with braille display and speech output. Includes print & tape manuals, 512MB compact flash, carrying case, AC adapter & serial connector cable. Asking $2,000 or best offer, plus $15 shipping and handling. Call John Hammond at (804) 275-6676 (before 8 p.m. Eastern) or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Talking calculator. Asking $250. Contact Rosemir Rodriguez at (714) 267-3399.

FOR SALE: Romeo braille embosser, model RB-20. Mint condition, used less than one hour, superior dot quality, includes manual. Asking $600, negotiable. Braille 'n Speak 2000, like new. Includes manuals and WinDisk 3.5 data transfer software with cable. Asking $400, negotiable. Call Pat at (512) 837-3041 or e-mail [email protected].

WANTED: Looking to purchase working Braille Lite M20. Please contact Cheree via e-mail at [email protected], or call her at (702) 372-8267.

WANTED: Double cassette recorder with built-in microphone. Contact Linda at (661) 833-3663.

WANTED: A braille embosser and accompanying software at reasonable price. Can pay in installments. Contact Mark Oswald at (925) 674-1264, or via e-mail, [email protected].

WANTED: Notetaker with braille display like a PAC Mate or BrailleNote. Contact Kizzy at [email protected].

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