The contents of this column reflect the letters we had received by the time we went to press, April 16, 2007. Letters are limited to 300 words or fewer. All submissions must include the author's name and location. Opinions expressed are those of the authors.

Struggle Over Accessible Paper Money

I consider the struggle over accessible paper currency to be a non-issue for most of us who are blind. The time, effort and money which ACB is spending on this matter could well be employed elsewhere. It reminds me of the struggle NFB waged in the 1980s over the issue of whether blind people could sit in the exit rows on airplanes. As a totally blind person, I regard accessible currency as about number 12 on my list of priorities, behind a lot of other things. Furthermore, the inflated rhetoric regarding this issue is very unhelpful in enabling us to rationally evaluate the question. I found the article "A Somewhat Modest Proposal" in the February issue to be a waste of space. This article was merely someone's opportunity to vent. It did nothing to help form opinions on the matter. Let's move on to more vital things.

-- Timothy Hendel, Huntsville, Ala.

Regarding the April Issue

The last issue of "The Braille Forum" was excellent. I especially appreciated the extremely thorough article, "Membership Strategies for the Year," compiled by Ardis Bazyn. Someone has done a great deal of research and creative brainstorming to come up with such a unique range of new ideas to increase membership. I was also pleased to read the president's letter. I, too, had difficulty with Independent Living Aids, eventually declining to do business with them after returning an adapted ILA recorder four times without ever getting a product that worked or a remedy for this sad manufacturing problem. I was hesitant to go to Maxi-Aids because of the rumors swirling about its reliability. It was good to get some balance to this issue. I would also like to send my regards to Day Al-Mohamed. She made the legislative agenda come to life and I started becoming much more active in politics and blindness issues at a local level. I will miss her enthusiasm and wish her well in her new position.

-- Marie R. Heep, Mason, Ohio

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