by Melanie Brunson

Each year, the American Council of the Blind participates in the Combined Federal Campaign, a federal program that allows federal workers to have charitable contributions deducted from their pay and sent to the charity designated by the worker. Although the solicitation of contributions from federal workers doesn't start until the fall, there will be significant changes beginning with the 2007 campaign, so I thought it would be a good idea to let you know about them ahead of time. The most significant of these changes is that ACB has a new CFC designation number. It is 11155. That means that if you, your friends or relatives wish to make a donation to ACB through the Combined Federal Campaign, you will use the code 11155 to indicate that you want the funds to come to us. Please discard anything containing the old four-digit number. All charities now have five-digit numbers and we have been told by the government that these numbers will be permanent.

As we get closer to the 2007 campaign, we will probably remind you about this change, but since our old CFC number has circulated so widely, we thought it might be useful to let you know that there is a new one starting this year. It also gives us an opportunity to suggest that any of you who either work for the government, or have friends or family who do, consider designating ACB to receive their CFC contribution in 2007. It's easy to do. Just write in 11155 as the charity code and designate the amount of the contribution you wish to make.

Your generosity is very much appreciated and will be a tremendous help as we work to increase the quality of life, equality of opportunity and independence of people who are blind and visually impaired. Thank you in advance for your contributions and for helping to get the word out that ACB has a new CFC number, 11155.

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