by Carol Ann Ewing

Spring has sprung and we all feel the new beginnings around and about us. I feel that same excitement as I ponder the 2007 ACB convention and the beginnings happening for those of us who reside in the blindness community. I am looking forward to the two first-timers who will learn, glean and grow from the experiences offered by the convention. I do wish we could support all nominees, but this year it is not possible.

I trust you have heard about the new "People of Vision" version with "The Beginning" added. In this version, the sixth cassette will be a recording Durward made in the early '70s explaining the ACB philosophy, goals and plans for the blind community.

Last year during the Jacksonville Orange Blossom Festival, someone suggested we have a program to talk about Durward. We do have a program bearing his name, but just who is he? What did he believe? Do we keep his dream alive? Now there is a tool to answer those questions and keep ACB's beginning in the forefront of our thoughts.

We the committee hope you see the value of your affiliate having a library copy to circulate through your membership. We also hope you see the value of a copy being on every school for the blind library shelf and that you make it happen. Even a copy in your personal library will be a resource as you promote the heritage and value of ACB.

This "People of Vision the Beginning" version will be delivered soon after the Minneapolis convention. We ask you to pre-order and pre-pay through the ACB Store. The fee is $40; $15 of that goes into the Durward K. McDaniel First-Timers' Fund in support of this program.

"New Beginnings": there are 100 copies available. Order yours today and support the ACB.

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