"The Braille Forum," the ACB Board of Publications, and the author, Gary Norman, express regret that anyone may have felt harmful or hurtful intent in the article "Local Advocacy at its Best: Community Advocates from Baltimore's Ronald McDonald House, ACB Representatives Learn from One Another," published in "The Braille Forum," March 2007. The intent of the article was to focus on the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore, Inc., as an organization, the processes and systems set in place to assist families with ill children and the education and outreach advocacy of the ACB organizations in Maryland to assure that service animals are guaranteed the fullest access.

While "The Braille Forum" commends the educational advocacy effort of the Maryland Area Guide Dog Users, we regret that a lack of judicious editing or dialogue with the author caused at least one statement to be published as fact, when it clearly should have been labeled as the opinion of the author if included within the article at all.

Please accept our sincere apology.

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