by Ron Milliman

Effective retroactively as of October 1, 2006, through the end of the 2007 ACB national convention in Minneapolis, all new enrollees into the Monthly Monetary Support (MMS) Program will be eligible to win a free Hamilton Beach i-TALK Microwave. The drawing will take place shortly after the 2007 convention.

This change includes all people who enrolled during the state affiliate conventions that took place in fall 2006 and this spring, as well as all those who enroll during the ACB 2007 national convention! It also includes all those enrolling online during this time period. And it includes all new enrollees, no matter what method you use to enroll.

We will be set up during the ACB 2007 national convention in Minneapolis to answer questions, to enroll new members and to help those who want to increase the amounts of their contributions. We will be announcing the times and locations throughout the convention. So, let's get those enrollment applications filled out and submitted! You could be the lucky winner of a free Hamilton Beach i-TALK Microwave! Plus, as a token of our sincere appreciation, all new enrollees will receive a free pocket-sized FM scanner radio just for participating in the program.

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