by Brenda Dillon

As chair of the ACB auction committee, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated individuals who served on this committee. They are Ray Campbell, Patti Cox, Carol Edwards, Dena Shumila, Jeff Thom and Cindy Van Winkle. It was indeed my pleasure to work with such a fun and faithful group! I also offer genuine appreciation to the numerous volunteers, and to the three fabulous auctioneers who kept the auction running smoothly. A very special "thank you" goes to Lane Waters for the many hours he spent entering items and other details into the computer! Without the extreme generosity of donated items from the countless individuals, state and special-interest affiliates, businesses and vendors, the event could not have even happened! We are truly grateful to each of you! And finally, a sincere appreciation goes to each person who attended and supported the ACB auction with your bids. We appreciate your patience for our first efforts and humbly acknowledge that there were moments of confusion. We will strive to iron out wrinkles so that any future auction will be conducted with fewer frustrations. You raised $18,884! Thanks for supporting ACB!

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