Bundling up for a drive to some folks'
To play dominoes, checkers, swap lies, and tell jokes!

Boots taken off and left by the door.
There's logs on the fire, thick rugs on the floor.

Hot chocolate and marshmallows in this chilly weather --
Or a mug of spiced tea brings friends close together!

Each one brings a dish -- maybe soup, maybe stew,
Maybe napkins or cups -- what each one can do!

We straighten clothes hangers for wiener kabobs --
Add other chunk food, and roast corn on the cob!

Dig out a movie -- something funny or light --
Shake up some popcorn, and snuggle up tight!

The talk starts unwinding -- kids sprawled everywhere --
A few hours of blessings when we haven't a care.

The feast is near over. The yawning begins.
We hug our goodbyes as the good party ends.

Wearing parkas and caps, we brace for the drive
Back to our home. We are blessed! We're alive!

It's frosty outside, and maybe will snow,
But the warmth of good friends keeps our hearts all aglow.

It's good to shake off worldly cares for awhile.
The best things are not things, but are friends with a smile.

Make time for friends. Thank God for them, too.
They're there when you're happy. They'll help when you're blue.

Tonight's party is over and so we go home,
But with God, and with friends, we are never alone!

-- Netagene Kirkpatrick

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