by William Benjamin

When I was young, I was not rich or well-off; I was downright poor. When I left home and got married, we were living on assistance, going to school and barely making it by. I know that many of you were in the same boat; somehow we made it through school and moved on.

During that time one of the surprises that happened to me is that I started receiving "The Braille Forum." I did not sign up for it and do not know how ACB got my name and address. I do know that it interested me, what the blind community was doing in America, and took pleasure in reading in the evening to keep my braille skills up. I remember reading box after box of magazines with articles talking about the very issues I thought needed to be addressed. This publication became a real source of interest and information for me.

Now I look back at 1968 and am struck with how things have changed. Members in the blindness community like Gil Johnson, George Fogarty, Judge Don Wilkinson and others reached out to me and helped me become a success. Now I am a dues-paying member and try to step up to the plate when asked to help carry the load. I also have found a way to help support the organization that sent me literature about the blindness community without charge, no questions asked.

By now most all of you know about the MMS program. It is one small way to give back to the organization that directly affects your life. You can have the money taken out of your account so you never miss it. You can also have a portion of the amount sent to your state affiliate so you will be helping on a national level and on the local level too. I urge you to consider contacting Ron Milliman and signing up for the MMS program. The program is confidential and the amount you give will help to support ACB's programs and services (including "The Braille Forum"). Most of all, you will not be coerced or harassed to join. It is a program that is available when you are ready to join. You can contact Ron Milliman by e-mail, [email protected], or by phone at (270) 782-9325.

Thanks to ACB for sending me the "Forum" for so many years with no strings attached. Now I am finally able to give back.

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