FOR SALE: CD cases, 8 for $1; erased 90-minute cassette tapes, 8 for $1; HP Scanjet scanner, $15. Lexmark printer, $25. IBM Home Page Reader, $25. Keypad for IBM screen reader, $25. Harley Hahn's Complete Internet Reference (8 volumes), $50. Road Runner, $75. Accent SA speech synthesizer, $95. Zip drive, adapter for use with notebook computer and over 1GB storage, $150. GPS Talks, Magellan receiver, and all maps of U.S., $250. DECTalk Express, $550. Braille Lite, $650. Alva 40-cell braille display, $1,695. For more information, call Kathy at (615) 469-4891 or e- mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Shortwave Emerson radio with TV, AM/FM radio, and weather band. In good condition. Asking $35. Will accept checks, money orders, or cash. Contact Tonya Smith in braille at 1665 Paree, Newport, MI 48166, or e-mail her, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Bookport. Asking $200, including insurance, shipping and handling, or sent free matter with insurance. In original box; comes with CD, cable, ear buds, and all materials. Contact Terrie Arnold at [email protected].

FOR SALE: Braille writer, in good condition. Asking $400. Contact Rosemir at (714) 267-3399.

FOR SALE: Plextalk PTR1 CD player/recorder with 256-megabyte compact flash card for additional file storage. Asking $400. Book Courier MP3 player with Audible support. Will include additional 4-gig compact flash card. Text-to-speech synthesizer will play text documents, and voice recorder. Asking $160. Call Dan at (317) 626-2847.

FOR SALE: Tap Memo. Comes with instruction disk. Asking $125 or best offer. Contact Adam Pobursky at (262) 325-1323.

FOR SALE OR TRADE: Windows computer with 1 gig RAM and monitor. Will throw in demo version of Window-Eyes or JAWS, depending on your preference. Asking $200; will trade for any 32-cell notetaker with braille display. Contact Michael Robles at (909) 434-0426, or e-mail [email protected].

FOR SALE: Like new Smartview 3000 CCTV; only used for about two months. Asking $900 with $75 shipping. A Tap Memo PDA; comes with earphones and power cord still in box. Asking $145 with $5 shipping. Brand-new, still in box, color-coded beige Large Print Easy Type PC keyboard with oversized legends printed directly on the keys and color-coded control keys. The keyboard has a PS/2 adapter (fits either the AT keyboard socket or the PS/2 socket). Asking $135 with $5 shipping. Will accept PayPal or money order only. E-mail [email protected] if interested in any of these items; when e-mailing, please put "ITEMS FOR SALE" in the subject line.

FOR SALE: Perkins brailler with dust cover, in hard carrying case. In good working condition; will be mailed free matter with insurance. Asking $350 or best offer. Contact Margie at (415) 309-6821.

FOR SALE: Juliet classic interpoint embosser with single sheet feeder upgrade. Cleaned/repaired once, in excellent condition, used only as a backup embosser. Includes braille manual, packed in original box. Asking $2,000. PayPal also accepted. Payment plans are possible. Sangean shortwave radio, model ATS 818 ACS with 25-foot indoor antenna and cassette instructions. Used once, still in original box. Asking $150. Please contact Pat via e-mail, [email protected], or phone (512) 837-3041.

FOR SALE: M20 with leather case and memory card, disk drive, and cables for $900 (negotiable). E-mail [email protected].

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