FOR SALE: Power Braille 40 for sale. Asking $500. Works well but needs new battery. DECTalk Express, asking $500. Both units come with serial cables. Contact Steve Heflin at [email protected].

FOR SALE: Alva 380 80-cell braille display. Can hook up three computers at once. Works well with JAWS and Window-Eyes. Asking $1,000. Braillino 20-cell braille display with Bluetooth and serial ports. In excellent condition. Can be used to communicate with a cell phone or PDA using all versions of Mobile Speak. Has calculator, built-in calendar, scheduler and notetaker. Asking $3,100. Might be interested in trading for Connect12 plus $1,000. Mobile Phone Organizer, 20-cell unit with built-in cell phone. Make calls or send text messages. In excellent condition. Asking $1,100. Make offer on any item. Shipping and insurance will be added to price. Contact Isaac Obie at 755 Tremont St., Apt. #205, Boston, MA 02118, or via e-mail, [email protected].

FOR SALE: GW Micro's Voice Sense: includes word processor, calculator, database manager, DAISY player, FM radio, Bluetooth, wireless connectivity with e-mail and Internet. The unit has a 6-key Perkins-style keyboard. This unit has braille input and speech output for convenience. Asking $1,800. HumanWare's Victor Reader Stream, brand new talking DAISY reader and MP3 player. Reads Word documents and others. Will read Bookshare.org, RFB&D and Audible.com books. Asking $350. Brand-new PAC Mate Omni QX, which runs a Windows-based Pocket PC operating system. Has a QWERTY keyboard, e-mail, Internet Explorer, calculator (both financial and scientific), Excel, Microsoft Word, and can be synced with a PC. Allows you to read PowerPoint, too. Also has Bluetooth and is compatible with FS accessories such as GPS. Asking $1,800. Contact Charles Fulwood via e-mail, [email protected].

FOR SALE: PAC Mate QX 400. In excellent condition; hardly used. Has braille display and speech. Comes with USB cable and adapter, manuals on CD and in braille. Asking $1,500. Contact Shirley Baker via e-mail, [email protected], or call (615) 865-6331.

FOR SALE: Romeo Embosser RB25; purchased 10 years ago, but rarely used. In excellent condition. Asking $500. PAC Mate BX420; speech and 20- cell braille display unit with an eight-key braille keyboard, eight function keys and cursor cross. Access everyday Windows-based desktop data and software applications via ActiveSync. Uses JAWS for speech output. Runs Pocket PC versions of MS Word, Excel, Outlook, MSN Messenger, Media Player, and many more. One 1GB external flash card included, as well as a mini USB port. Purchased two years ago, but not used. In its original box, carrying case. Asking $2,000. Contact Hamid Mehdizadah at (416) 633-1591, or via e- mail, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Perkins braille writer, in top shape. Asking $225 or best offer. Contact Tom Blair via e-mail, [email protected]; phone (503) 238-3826 or write to him at 1626 SE Linn St., Portland, OR 97202.

FOR SALE: K-NFB Reader, first generation. Asking $650. Rarely used; still works perfectly. Comes with original carrying case, battery charger and SD memory card containing the installation software. The device has the latest firmware and is capable of recognizing currency. Kurzweil K1000 version 11 software, unopened. Asking $500. Freedom Scientific PAC Mate QX, asking $1,200. It does not have the latest Omni update but can be upgraded by Freedom Scientific for around $700. Includes Bluetooth, wi-fi and a storage card. I still have the original packing materials and documentation. If interested, contact Tim by e-mail at [email protected].

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