I'm a "high partial" -- legally blind
Which sometimes has me in a bind.

How much sight is it I've got?
Do I see or do I not?

I don't "look blind." Is that the "why"
When I say I'm blind, you think I lie?

Would you understand if I had a guide,
A dog in harness by my side?

And dark glasses, should I wear
And mix up colors and mess my hair?

And act as if I have no sight,
And feel my way in broad daylight?

While "tsk, tsk" people are so alarmed
And think that I should sing for alms.

Don't chide me that I use a cane.
It's saved my life. I'm not ashamed!

"High partial"'s not what you have heard,
But it is real, so mark my word

And know the truth and know I'm right
And know I'm glad I have some sight!

-- Netagene Kirkpatrick

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