by Ronald E. Milliman

The Press Release Handbook for ACB Affiliates and Chapters was unveiled during the 47th annual ACB national convention in Louisville. The handbook is free of charge and is available in large print, braille, and on CD in MS Word, braille-ready file, and text file formats. The handbook covers all of the basics in writing and distributing effective press releases. Chapter one discusses the reasons for press releases, and when not to use them; chapter two covers the basics of writing a press release. Chapter three covers distribution of press releases, and chapter four talks about recognizing opportunities for press releases. There are also useful references at the end of the handbook if one wishes to study the topic in even more depth.

The handbook was written by members of the PR committee: Dr. Ron Milliman, Sharon Lovering, Day Al-Mohamed, and Gaylen Floy. The PR committee and ACB acknowledge and thank the Florida Council of the Blind for its generous assistance in covering the printing and supply cost of making this handbook available. Currently, copies are available in large print, braille, on IBM-compatible CD, as well as via download from the ACB web page. To request a copy, contact the ACB national office at 1-800-424-8666, e-mail [email protected], or visit

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