My heart smiles as I think of your support to the Durward K. McDaniel First-Timers' Program. Again this year, the selection was difficult because you found dynamic folks to nominate. Your financial support makes this event happen. Ticket sales from the drawing and the DKM reception were exceptional. Picture this: I'm in an elevator at convention when a voice chimes, "Hi, Carol, I sent $25 to Minneapolis for the DKM." Also, in mid- August, the Nevada treasurer phoned to tell me she collected the mail from the NCB mailbox, then asked me what she should do with the $100 check payable to ACB/DKM. Yes, not only do you make my heart smile but you continue to amaze me with your dedication to ACB and the DKM. Here is a big, huge, enormous THANK YOU programmed to create a smile in your heart. So take a moment and recognize the appreciation.

-- Carol Ann Ewing

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