To place an ad in this column, you may either call Sharon Lovering at the ACB national office, 1-800-424-8666, or e-mail the ad to her at [email protected]. Due to space constraints, individuals are limited to advertising twice per year.

FOR SALE: Perkins braille writer, in excellent condition. Asking $250. Contact Alejandro by e-mail, [email protected], or call him at (313) 824-1578.

FOR SALE: Kurzweil Reading Edge, hardly used. Includes carrying case, computer cable, and instruction in all modes. Asking $700. Shipping, insurance and handling fees included. Contact Harriet via e-mail, [email protected].

FOR SALE: K-NFB mobile reader, never used. Asking $2,000. Contact Steve at (517) 347-7046.

FOR SALE: BrailleNote. Comes with disk drive, wireless CF card, and a 1-gig ATA card. In excellent condition. Software is Keysoft version 6.2, build 23. Asking $2,000. Contact Beth at [email protected]

FOR SALE: Brand-new, still in box, Victor Reader Stream with 4-gig SD card included. Asking $325. Shipping included. Emerson AM-FM radio, brand-new, with weather band. Asking $25. Olympus 144-hour voice recorder, brand-new. Asking $70. Shipping included. Contact Luisa at (323) 479-3779.

FOR SALE: TapMemo with memo pad, phone book, calendar, alarm clock, locking command, unit locator, talking time and date. Includes AC adapter and CD with instructions. Asking $119. E-mail Jeff at [email protected], or phone (612) 869-7410.

FOR SALE: Braille Blazer in good condition. Comes with serial cable and half a box of light tractor feed paper. Asking $1,000 (negotiable). Shipping method is free matter for the blind. Contact Hope by e-mail, [email protected]. Will accept money orders.

FOR SALE OR TRADE: ZoomText 9.0. Looking for a braille notetaker, hopefully a PAC Mate QX. Please contact Sean Moore by phone, (478) 258- 4103, between 8 a.m. and noon Eastern, or e-mail [email protected].

FREE TO GOOD HOME: The first five Harry Potter books in braille. Call Phyllis at (301) 229-9224.

WANTED: PAC Mate QX with or without a braille display. Contact Aaron via e-mail, [email protected].

WANTED: Action Bass guitar with amplifier, formerly produced by Wal- Mart. Call Walter Chavira at (661) 833-3663.

WANTED: Cartridge or keypad for Kurzweil Reading Edge, or a Kurzweil 2.1 with scanner and keyboard, or Kurzweil 2.2 without scanner. I desperately need one to get back into my computer and work on math. Basic, easy-to-use laptop computer. Contact Bob Groff at (501) 589-2886.

WANTED: Portable IBM braille typewriter, AS braille writer or Teletouch, braille labeler, vibrating braille alarm clock, vibrating braille alarm watch, braille playing cards or Uno cards, braille board games, puzzles, braille sports cards (baseball, basketball, etc.), Jehovah's Witness material in braille, New World translation of the Bible in braille, three-ring binders with three-hole-punched braille paper, raised line drawing kit, raised line tactile graphics kit, Rubik's Cube, braille adding machine. Also seeking drum set, recipe books in braille, braille books nobody wants, board slate, magnetic Dymo tape, pocket slate and stylus with pocket notebook attached, Lavender brailler. Older laptop computer with braille display, older braille Navigator. Contact Melody Edwards at (609) 226-7602.

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