In 2008 "The Blind Californian" was the first affiliate newsletter recognized by the ACB board of publications with the Hollis K. Liggett Braille Free Press Award. This award was named in honor of Hollis Liggett, and is intended to promote best journalistic practices and excellence in writing in publications of ACB's state and special-interest affiliates.

All periodicals of ACB affiliates, distributed no less than semi- annually, are eligible to be considered for the Hollis K. Liggett Braille Free Press Award. Nominations must be submitted by the affiliate's newsletter editor or president. Submissions are due on Feb. 15, 2009, and should be sent to "The Braille Forum" editor.

Submissions must include the following:

1. Two issues of the affiliate's publication from the previous calendar year sent electronically and in hard copy in the format which the affiliate recognizes as the format which best represents its readership.

2. Answers to the following questions: A. How many members are in your affiliate? B. How often is your publication published per year? C. In what formats is your publication produced?

The BOP will take the submitted information into consideration as well as the following: 1. The number of contributing writers in a single issue; 2. The variety of information written about in each issue; 3. How well the publication portrays the affiliate; 4. The quality of writing throughout the publication; and 5. The overall layout and presentation of the publication.

Send your submissions to Sharon Lovering, American Council of the Blind, 1155 15th St. NW, Suite 1004, Washington, DC 20005. (Note: After December 25, send to: Sharon Lovering, American Council of the Blind, 2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 650, Arlington, VA 22201.) Make sure they'll arrive no later than Feb. 15, 2009. We look forward to receiving your nominations. This award will be presented at the convention in Orlando, Fla.

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