FOR SALE: Brand-new Emerson radio with AM, FM, weather band. Asking $27. Toshiba laptop computer with 15.4-inch wide screen, 160-meg hard drive, 1 gig RAM, Windows XP Professional, JAWS 7.10 and ZoomText 8.0. Brand-new; asking $720. Toshiba laptop, brand-new, 17-inch wide screen, 160-meg hard drive, 3 gigs RAM, Windows XP Professional, JAWS 7.0 and ZoomText 8.0, wi-fi ready. Asking $900. Desktop computer with 500-gig hard drive, 2 gigs RAM, Windows XP Professional, JAWS 7.10 and ZoomText 8.0, wi-fi ready. Asking $525. Contact Jose at (818) 220-6256.

FOR SALE: PAC Mate BX420; speech and 20-cell braille display unit with an eight-key braille keyboard, eight function keys and cursor cross. Uses JAWS for speech output. Runs Pocket PC versions of MS Word, Excel, Outlook, MSN Messenger, Media Player, and many more. One 1GB external flash card included, as well as a mini USB port. Purchased two years ago, but not used. In its original box, carrying case. Asking $1,500. Contact Hamid at (416) 633-1591, or via e-mail, [email protected].

FOR SALE: Optelec Clearview 517XL CCTV. Comes with user’s manual and all cables. Asking $1,000. Contact Linda Fry at (717) 264-0619.

FOR SALE: PAC Mate Omni QX400. Comes with all cables, documentation, wi-fi card, carrying cases, and packaging. Asking $1,600. Contact Laura via e-mail, [email protected], or phone (510) 851-3716.

FOR SALE: VersaBraille II with additional disk drive. Free. Recipient pays shipping. Navigator 40-cell braille display. Free. Recipient pays shipping. Contact Don Forrester at (540) 786-2784 or via e-mail, [email protected]. Include the phrase “braille equipment” in subject line of e-mail.

FOR SALE: Aladdin black-and-white 20-inch closed circuit television, about 4 years old, hardly used. Call Gregg Welch at (503) 408-1419 if interested.

FOR SALE: BrailleNote mPOWER with 32-cell refreshable braille display, KeySoft version 7, a braille user's manual, and a leather carrying case. Asking $3,000 or best offer. Contact James Konechne via e-mail, [email protected], or by phone, (410) 925-0707.

FOR SALE: Manual Perkins brailler. Asking $150. Contact Helen Driskill at (806) 379-7909. Will ship via free matter mail.

FREE TO GOOD HOME: 8,000 blank cassette labels, 250 to a box; 400 floppy disks, 1.4 meg. 2 bulk erasers. Call Bob Langford at (214) 340-6328 business hours Central time.

WANTED: Linux expert to buy an El Braille Assistant 32-cell notetaker. Brand new, never out of the box. Asking $3,000. Machine can use parallel-to-USB adapter to download files to a compact flash card. Has VT100 visual capability, voice recorder, scientific calculator, day planner, MP3 player, other features. Documentation available from www.papenmeier.de, and I have an old braille basics manual. Need USB-powered Braille display such as BC640 which is supported by the System Access screen reader. Easy to use on the Internet. Serious buyers only. Call during the day Pacific time, (626) 578-9365; e-mail [email protected].

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