by Cindy Van Winkle

Itís nearly spring. May 1 is fast approaching! This is the deadline for nominations to be received by the awards committee. ACB wants to honor those who have done their work well, and we know there are many out there who have contributed much and in so many ways. ACB wants to honor them, but we canít do so without your help. Please consider sending in a letter of nomination for that extraordinarily deserving someone.

The Robert S. Bray Award is given to a person who has made a contribution for improving library technology or communication devices. It could also be given for expanding access for blind people, or making opportunities within the mainstream media.

The George Card Award is given to an individual who has dedicated his or her life to work with and for blind people, making a real difference and improving quality of life, for providing leadership and being a positive role model.

The Durward K. McDaniel Ambassador Award is one of our most popular awards. It is given in recognition of a blind person who may or may not be a member of a blindness organization but who has spent his or her life integrating with the community.

The James R. Olsen Distinguished Service Award is periodically given to individuals who have made important contributions which have advanced opportunities for the blind community. This award can be given to an individual or an organization.

The Affiliate Growth Award is based on the greatest increase in membership, as determined by the 2008-2009 membership reports.

The Affiliate Outreach Award is based on a recommendation by an affiliate president, which recognizes a local chapter for a new outreach program. This program must have a measurable outcome.

Please read carefully through the award descriptions and share with us why your special someone qualifies and is so deserving.

To be considered, nominations must be received by May 1, 2009, and sent to the Awards Committee, preferably electronically to [email protected]. If mailing in your nomination, send to: American Council of the Blind, Attn: Awards Committee, 2200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 650, Arlington, VA 22201.

Get those nominations in. Weíre counting on you!

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