by Dena Wilson

The American Council of the Blind (ACB) has partnered with Track Shack for its first-ever national walk/run (the Watermelon 5K) to be held on Saturday, July 4, 2009 at 7:30 a.m. at Mead Garden Park (which is 17 miles from the convention hotel). It is estimated that there will be approximately 3,000 participants.

For participants who cannot physically attend the walk/run, you can still show your much-needed support in the following ways. Registering as a Virtual Walker

To register as a virtual walker, contact me at ACBís national office, (202) 559-2045 or e-mail [email protected], to request a registration form to be mailed to you. Or visit ACBís web site,, and download the registration form. When filling out the registration form, select virtual walker, choose whether you want a T-shirt, and the format in which you wish to receive the walk/run packet. Once you have filled out the entire form, send it to the attention of Dena Wilson at ACB, 2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 650, Arlington, VA 22201.

Once your completed registration form has been received along with your $25 entry fee, you will be sent an official entry form to sign and return to the national office only if you have requested a T-shirt. You will also receive a walk/run packet which includes the instruction sheet, strategies for fundraising sheet and 10 pledge forms for your friends, family, etc. If you have not requested a T-shirt, you will only be sent a walk/run packet. However, 100 percent of your $25 entry fee will go directly to ACB.

What is Virtual Walking? Virtual walking is a fundraising approach. It takes the concept of a traditional walk or run one step further. In doing so, it enables more participation and more funds raised for awareness on the issues related to the blindness community.

How Does a Virtual Walk Work? You would contact friends, family and associates much like you would when you participate in a traditional walk/run event to help raise funds. You would walk in your community, i.e., walk to and from your mailbox or around your local community track or neighborhood.

What Makes a Virtual Walk Different? Participants would feel part of the event and have fun while contributing to something worthwhile rather than signing a check. A virtual walk makes canvassing easy because it can be done by phone or e-mail so that you can get on with your busy schedule.

Making a Donation

Donations can be mailed to ACBís national office at the above address (attention Dena Wilson) or by credit card by contacting Dena Wilson at (202) 559-2045.

You not only have the opportunity to help the blindness community, but the possibility to earn a great prize from our list of fabulous incentives that will be available as a thank-you for your support in helping to make ACBís first-ever walk/run a success. Remember to specify your state or special-interest affiliate so that your affiliate can earn a chance to win a prize as well.

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