by Mitch Pomerantz

At the fall meeting of the American Council of the Blind board of directors in Orlando, we voted to support the first-ever ACB Walk/Run to take place on July 4 at beautiful Mead Garden. We agreed to hold this event in partnership with the Track Shack Foundation, a well-established organization that seeks to promote physical fitness while also helping organizations like ACB to support our mission. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance the visibility of ACB, improve our physical fitness, and most importantly, to provide the financial support we need to continue to promote and advance our various activities and projects. In this extremely difficult economy, there is no better time to show your support for ACB by registering to participate in this exciting event. Donna and I are pleased to report that we have signed up. We challenge each of you to do the same! Please take the initiative to help us make this event a huge success. The reality is that ACB must rely even more on its own efforts to raise the funds we need, and this event is one way to do it. You can register on the ACB web site, or by contacting the national office. You have the option to pay the very modest $25 entry fee either by check or credit card. Paying your entry fee is only the first step, however. Seeking pledges from family, friends, and supportive community members is where the action really happens. In doing so, you will have numerous opportunities to showcase the great work that is done at the local, state, and national level on behalf of people who are blind or visually impaired.

ACB board members, state and special-interest affiliate presidents, members, and friends, it is incumbent upon all of us to do our part to ensure the financial stability of our organization. I challenge each and every one of you to request your own registration packet. Even if you cannot make it to Orlando this year, you can still be an active participant in this event. Your support is critical if we wish to continue funding our very important flagship publication, "The Braille Forum," our advocacy efforts, ACB Radio, the ACB scholarship program, our annual national convention and other programs that directly benefit you. Contact the national office for your walk/run registration packet today, and join me on the walk toward a brighter financial future for the American Council of the Blind. If you have any questions about this vitally important fund-raising event, you can contact Dan Dillon, ACB walk/run committee chair, at (615) 874-1223, or Ron Milliman, committee member, at (270) 782-9325. Remember, the ACB Walk/Run begins with your taking this first step!

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