It has come to our attention that we are rapidly losing members of our community, friends and supporters of ACB. In order to honor these people whose lives have impacted us, in large and small ways, we are publishing this column. See below for the format in which to submit information.

Obituary Format

Please include as much of the following information as possible when submitting material for this column. Submissions must involve dates no more than six months from intended date of publication.

Name (first, last, maiden if appropriate)

City of residence (upon passing)

State/province of residence (upon passing)

Other cities/states/countries of residence (places where other blind people may have known this person)


Date of death (day if known, month, year)


ACB affiliation (local/state/special-interest affiliates or national committees)


Rev. Anne Thompson of Philadelphia, Pa., passed away on May 15, 2009 after suffering from a fall from which she never recovered. Rev. Thompson, a life member of ACB, was the chaplain of the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind for many years.

Along with her husband Rudy Thompson, who died in 2007, she always attended PCB conventions, and for a number of years conducted a memorial service to honor members of the state affiliate who had passed away during the year.

The Thompsons attended many ACB conventions, and Rev. Thompson could always be counted on to offer the invocation at general sessions. She was always a strong supporter of her husband's work and service on a number of boards and committees both within PCB and the larger community of blind and low vision people.

Her dedication as a Christian and her faithful service will be missed within the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind.

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